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From: NCTM 2017 attendee

“I am buying these cards (Get the Picture! Math Vocabulary) for my teacher friend for teacher appreciation week!  She loves mine that I put around my room.”

From: Mrs. Masterson

My class worked on vocabulary today!   The artwork to teach the words will be unforgettable for the kids!

From: Leslie Curry

I teach 3rd grade Science at Dublin Elementary but I help out our Math
teachers by doing the Target Math. My kids love to come to class and get
busy working on it. It is challenging and fun! Thank you for the wonderful

Leslie Curry
3rd Grade Science
Dublin Elementary

From: Jamie Brotemarkle

We want to thank you for developing the perfect Science vocabulary flash cards to help support our English as a Second Language (ESL) students. We initially ordered them with just our ESL students in mind, but as it turns out they have been helping many of our students who struggle with some of the more difficult science terms. If you are debating about purchasing these cards, you won’t be disappointed. You can tell a lot of thought went into choosing the right photos to help students understand and remember what many of the key science terms mean.

Jamie Brotemarkle
Spillane Middle School

From: Alyssa Thomas

I was one of the first teachers to use Target Math at my previous school district, and it was amazing. I believe my students performed better on the state assessments because of this amazing product. I am sad that my current district does not have it because it is an amazing resource to have. It is worth every penny.

Alyssa Thomas

From: Virginia Teacher

Were your ears burning?  Last week, a team of visiting teachers paraded through my classroom after school during a school tour and they looked all around my room at the Vocabulary posters all over my walls.  They remarked about how colorful and helpful these posters were and asked me where I got them.  I told them all about you.  Keep up the good work!  I use these posters every day in my teaching and more importantly my students use them every day in their learning.

Virginia Teacher

From: K. Tekell

We have had several schools across Texas (one coming as far as 5 hours away) to look at our math program and why we have such high scores on STAAR. We are definitely pushing your product because we believe in it and feel that it is why we do so well on testing each year! We couldn’t do without it!

K. Tekell

From: Manuel Ruiz

My students look forward to Lone Star every morning. Thank you for helping learning be both challenging and fun.

Manuel Ruiz

From: Kristin Williams

I am so impressed with the target reading program I purchased for my 4th grade class. We are going into the 4th week of school and this is my first year utilizing it, but I can already see a change in my students writing. I am teaching at a tier 4, title 1 school. About 30% of my students passed STAAR last year and I knew they would need some extra practice if they were going to have any hope of improving this year. This program has interesting stories every week that are fun for the students to read. They never get bored with the materials provided. I love the sentence building exercise that they do every day because not only are they learning how to build good, descriptive sentences but they are learning what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are. And this is something they practice EVERY day. The questions of the day are higher level thinking and require the students to refer back to the story for details. I can’t say enough good things about this program. Money well spent and I will be using it for years to come. Thank you for creating this wonderful program! It is something I think every district in Texas should be using.

Kristin Williams
4th grade teacher

From: Melissa Mclntire

My teachers love TEKSas Target Practice. We have been using your product for the past 4 years and my teachers feel that this is one reason we have had exemplary math scores on the TAKS test.

Melissa Mclntire
Frankston Elementary

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