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These quick, self-checking review games make ideal center activities! Each package contains at least 5 different games, with 2 copies of each.


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Guess & Checks™ are quick review games, designed to cover a variety of topics. The face of each card has several questions, with all of the answers printed right on the back, so students can check their work immediately and independently! Just use a hole punch to mark each question, and students can place their pencil by their current question, making answer-checking fast and easy.

Each pack comes with 5-6 different games, 2 copies of each (10-12 total cards per set). Guess & Checks™ are 8” in diameter and printed on colored cardstock, so not only are the names of the games on the front, but students will also be able to track the colors of the games they have completed!

Available Packets:

  • Beginning Geometry (Gr 1-3)
  • Beginning Number Concepts (Gr K-1)
  • Compare & Order Numbers (Gr 2-3)
  • Estimation (Rounding) (Gr 3-4)
  • Fractions (Gr 2-3)
  • Measurement (Gr 1-4)
  • Money (Gr 1-2)
  • Multiplication Facts 1 (Factors 1-6) (Gr 3-5)
  • Multiplication Facts 2 (Factors 7-12) (Gr 3-5)
  • Patterns (Gr 2-3)
  • Place Value (Gr 2-4)
  • Time 1 (Gr 1-2)
  • Time 2 (Gr 2-3)
  • Time 3 (Gr 3-5)

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