Vocabulary Definition Strips


Get The Picture™ vocabulary cards have self-explanatory definitions embedded in their illustrated faces, but sometimes a written definition is needed. These supplementary strips can be slipped into vinyl pockets and displayed right along with your cards to solve that problem!

Price: $4.99 per set for Target Vocabulary Pictures; $7.99 per set for Science Vocabulary Pictures sets 1-4; $11.99 per set for Science Vocabulary Pictures Early Grades

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Our Get The Picture™ line of vocabulary cards are all fully illustrated to have clear meanings right on their faces. Sometimes, though, students need practice with a written definition, displayed right along with the art on your word wall. These strips solve that problem!

The vocabulary definition strips are companions to Science Vocabulary Pictures™ and our closeout Target Vocabulary Math™ card sets and are designed to be displayed inside a vinyl pocket.

Note: vinyl pocket and vocabulary cards are sold separately.


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