Vocabulary Packs: Homophones

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This package contains all the cards from Homophone Vocabulary Pictures set 1, set 2, and set 3.

Word List :

bare, bear
bawl, ball
brake, break
cent, scent, sent
cheap, cheep
chili, chilly
flea, flee
grate, great
hare, hair
hole, whole
knight, night
not, knot
one, won
pause, paws
pride, pried
read, red
root, route
tracks, tax
threw, through
to, two, too
capitol, capital, capital
plane, plain
pail, pale
sail, sale
stair, stare
tail, tale
fir, fur
peace, piece
rose, rows
ate, eight
base, bass
berry, bury
blew, blue
mail, male
pair, pear, pare
raise, rays
sea, see
son, sun
for, four
yoke, yolk
acts, ax
ant, aunt
bridal, bridle
cell, sell
choral, coral
colonel, kernel
core, corps
flew, flu
forth, fourth
hour, our
morning, mourning
peak, peek
presence, presents
prince, prints
rain, reign, rein
right, write
ring, wring
soar, sore
tear, tier
toe, tow


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