Lone Star Learning Correlation Charts

To find the correlation charts for TEKSas Target Practice™ (TEKS-correlated only), Target the Question™ (TEKS and Common Core), and Target Reading™ (TEKS as well as the supplemental Figure 19), please check the table below. Each link will download the correlations for the specified product and grade automatically once you click, making it easy to get just your grade or a whole product family!

TEKSas Target Practice™Target the Question™Target Reading™Seeing Science Structures™
1st Grade1st Grade1st Grade
2nd Grade2nd Grade2nd Grade2nd Grade
3rd Grade3rd Grade3rd Grade3rd Grade
4th Grade4th Grade4th Grade4th Grade
5th Grade5th Grade5th Grade5th Grade
6th Grade6th Grade6th Grade
7th Grade

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