NEW Interactive QR Codes

Lone Star Learning™ has been adding QR Codes, to many of our products, including various Get the Picture™ products, posters, and even TEKSas Target Practice™, to enhance student interactivity and learning. Look for the “interactive” banner on the product image as well as the list below.

How to Scan a QR Code

First, you’ll need to get a QR Code reader. Get one from the links below, or search your device’s app store for “QR Code Reader.” Once you’ve installed it, open the app and point your camera at the QR Code. The app will read the QR code and carry out the associated action (usually, opening a webpage) automatically!

Step 1: Install a reader.


Step 2: Scan the QR code.


Step 3: See the content!


*Position & Direction Words shown as an example above

Get a QR Reader

Products with Interactive Features

  • Examples of Get the Picture abc-pics vocabulary cards, including 3 picture cards, 3 word picture cards, and 3 flash cards, all for letters A, B, and C


  • Equivalency Posters, both Percents from 6.25% to 100% and Dollar from Nickel to Dollar

    Equivalency Posters™

  • 4 examples of Got It! Mnemonic Posters: Celsius: Feet in a Mile, Oxidation/Reduction, and Units in a Gallon

    Got It! Mnemonic Posters™

  • 3 example posters from Operation Options: Count Out Loud, Use My Fingers, and Use Tally Marks

    Operation Options Posters™

  • Position & Direction Words

  • TEKsas Target Practice bulletin board. Great STAAR Practice

    TEKSas Target Practice™

  • 3 example cards from Get the Picture Visual Verbs vocabulary cards: Sleep, Draw, Help

    Visual Verbs™ vocabulary cards