These abc-pics™ vocabulary cards make learning the ABC’s quick and easy, because the letters are illustrated just like everyday objects! Choose from flash cards, letter picture cards, or word picture cards—or a bundle of several or all!

All cards include a QR code that can be scanned to access an animation to help emphasize the meaning.
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Learning their letters can be a struggle for many students, as memorization is not the ideal way for them to process new information. Creating an association with a familiar concept or object, however, and using visual learning techniques can make the learning process much faster and more effective for many students. This is the two-fold approach used in our full-color abc-pics™ vocabulary cards.

The face of each card has one of the letters of the alphabet, beautifully illustrated with a familiar concept or object to help students quickly and easily make associations between letters and things they already see in their daily lives. “A” is for “ant” and “apple,” while “B” is for “baseball,” for example.

All of the abc-pics™ cards are printed on cardstock, so they are durable and easily displayed, ready to be used in teacher-lead reviews, small-group sessions, or posted on your word wall!

We offer three different sets of abc-pics vocabulary cards to best suit your unique classroom needs.

  • abc-pics™ flash cards are simply the illustrated letters in a small form-factor, perfect for quick review sessions
  • abc-pics™ picture cards have the same illustrated letters, but also have the letter hand-written in the upper corner in both capital and lowercase versions
  • abc-pics™ word picture cards contain the illustrated letters from the other sets used in words

These sets are available in the following standalone and bundle option. Choose the combinations that best suit your class!

abc-pics™ picture cards

  • 28 picture cards – (11″ x 8.5″)

abc -pics™+

  • 28 picture cards – (11″ x 8.5″)
  • 28 word picture cards – (11″ x 4.25″)

abc-pics™ flash cards

  • 28 flash cards – (5.5″ x 8.5″)

abc-pics pac™

  • 28 picture cards – (11″ x 8.5″)
  • 28 word picture cards – (11″ x 4.25″)
  • 28 picture flash cards – (5.5″ x 8.5″)


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