Calculator Coach™

The Calculator Coach™ posters are full-color references that cover the basic functions of TI graphing calculators. Basic information, algebra, geometry, graphing, and measure of central tendency are all available individually and in bundles.

Price: $39.99 per full set; $9.99 per Algebra set; $8.99 per Basic Info set; $4.99 per Geometry set; $11.99 per Graphing set; $6.99 per Measure of Central Tendency set

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Select options for price.

Graphing calculators are powerful but can be overwhelming at first for new users, and we’ve all caught ourselves flipping through the manual to find the commands for a less-used function. Eliminate worry and wasted time with the Calculator Coach™!

Covering everything from basic information to graphing to higher-end calculation, these everyday references are great as quick go-tos for TI 83 and TI 84 calculators.

These full-color posters are available either by subject bundle or as a complete set. All of them are printed on glossy cardstock at 11” x 17”, so they will be easy to read and delightful to display.

Designed to work with these calculators:

  • TI 83
  • TI 83+
  • TI 83+ Silver Edition
  • TI 84+
  • TI 84+ Silver Edition

Available Posters

  • Buy Complete Set and Save!

    28 posters, $39.99

  • Algebra

    7 posters, $9.99

  • Basic Info

    6 posters, $8.99

  • Geometry

    2 posters, $4.99

  • Graphing

    9 posters, $11.99

  • Measure of Central Tendency

    4 posters, $6.99


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