Commonly Confused Words + Spelling Mnemonics Poster



Commonly Confused Words

Clear up confusion for word pairs and triplets with these illustrated vocabulary cards! Including common errors like their/there/they're, too/to/two, and loose/lose, Commonly Confused Words™ will help students learn these words and appropriate usage quickly and easily.

Spelling Mnemonics

Thirty-three colorful posters to teach and reinforce common homonyms and easily misspelled words. Each word has a catchy mnemonic and an engaging illustration to help young readers learn quickly and easily.

“The parked cars are stationary. I write my mom a letter using stationery. The principal is my pal.”

Some words can be tricky for early readers, but these Spelling Mnemonics make learning common misspellings and homonyms fun and effortless! Each poster features a catchy mnemonic for a word or pair of words and fun illustrations. There are 33 posters in the set, printed in full color on durable 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock. Hang them as they are or laminate them for an even longer life.

Words that sound alike or nearly alike but have different meanings often cause writers trouble. We have taken some of the most commonly confused word pairs or triplets and presented them in a visual way to help students differentiate and remember which one to use when. These beautiful, full-color cards ship ready to display on your word wall. Students can access them all day, passively absorbing meanings through the words and illustrations, or actively engaging during vocabulary review.

Commonly Confused Words™ includes 30, 8.5″ x 11″ cards, with either 2 or 3 words per card. They are printed on cardstock, perfect for laminating, inserting in vinyl pockets, or displaying as-is!