ELAR Bundle Grade 1

Visual Learners? We have just what you need!

Spiraling practice strengthens: FLUENCY, VOCABULARY, ELABORATION, SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION & HANDWRITING with Digital Target Reading.

Match visual representations of Antonyms. (Primary Antonym)

Practice Dolch List words with Visual Verbs.

Visualize the connection between beginning sound letter & the picture with ABC Pic Pac.

Target Reading & Writing™

A daily review program that reinforces reading, language, and writing skills in just 10 to 15 minutes a day.

1st Grade

Antonym Word Pictures™ vocabulary cards

Help students quickly and easily learn new vocabulary with these Antonym Word Pictures™!


Visual Verbs™ vocabulary cards

It’s well-known how important sight words are for early readers, but what’s the best way to help your class learn these words? This Visual Verbs™ vocabulary card set is one great way!


These abc-pics™ vocabulary cards make learning the ABC’s quick and easy, because the letters are illustrated just like everyday objects!

abc-pics pac

We have 1st grade covered with this ELAR Bundle! Daily review of FLUENCY, VOCABULARY, ELABORATION, SENTENCE CONSTRUCTION & HANDWRITING is a snap with Target Reading. Fill your walls with visuals that make an impact, clarify important terms in vocabulary development and knowledge of individual letters and sounds with Primary Antonyms, Visual Verbs and Lone Star Learning’s ABC Pics-Pac!


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