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Intervention Focus: Target the Question™

This online supplement is a specialized, 4-week problem-solving program created especially for intervention, summer school, tutoring, and test review, correlated to both the NCTM and TEKS Standards.

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Intervention Focus: Target the Question™ is a special 4-week program that has a similar approach to problem-solving practice as Target the Question™, with the same easy implementation, the same color-coded organization, but all new material specially designed with intervention, tutoring, test review, and summer school in mind.

This program spans 4 weeks. Each week students are presented a new scenario with a new set of daily questions. By working through the same passage each day, students are encouraged to read for detail, learn to find needed information quickly, and eliminate extraneous information. Each day offers two different questions—a basic one and a more challenging one. These rigorous questions focus on choosing and implementing problem-solving strategies, giving students practice with these difficult-to-master concepts.

Intervention Focus: Target the Question™ is available in a convenient online format for grades 1-5 and is correlated with both the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This program comes with everything you need for implementation, too: scenarios, color-coded questions, student think sheet masters, directions, correlation charts for the TEKS and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards, and more.

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