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Learning in Disguise

Kids asking to practice math skills? Are you kidding??? Make it fun, and that’s what happens. Our Learning in Disguise games are simple and fun. 

  • Teachers use these at stations, offer them during free time, or even send as homework!
  • Parents love the laughter and ease of this “homework”.
  • Everyone loves the way math skills are practiced in a fun way!

Students just open the game box, scan the QR code to watch a how- to- play video, then start playing. We made this easy!

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Every Learning in Disguise game includes parent/teacher directions and simple student examples on a QR-code demo. Kids learn how to play with Digit and Dot!


Big Battle (40 play cards and 6 variation play cards)

 whole number place value, comparing whole numbers


Odd/ Even  (96 play cards)

Adding whole numbers, identifying odd & even numbers