Math Bundle Grade 5

Preparing for STAAR®? We have you covered!

Spiral through to master the math SKILLS (Digital TEKSas Target Practice).

Fine tune PROBLEM-SOLVING skills, focusing on a new question each day (Digital Target the Question).

Play fun, focused STAAR® REVIEW games. (TarGET IT!)

Conquer grade-specific math VOCABULARY (Math Vocabulary Pictures sets 1 & 2, Measurement Benchmarks).

$321.00 $280.00

TEKSas Target Practice™

A daily math TEKS review in a 2-week spiral!

Digital Program (Online)
5th Grade

Target the Question™

A daily problem-solving strategies review.

Digital Program (Online)
5th Grade

Math Vocabulary Pictures™

Full color math illustrations, set 1.

5th Grade
Set 1

Math Vocabulary Pictures™

Full color math illustrations, set 2.

5th Grade
Set 2

Measurement Benchmarks™ vocabulary cards

Visual reminders of common measurements!


A high-engagement review game.

5th Grade

We’ve taken all the Texas teachers’ favorites and bundled them together! We’ve packaged the award-winning Target the Question™ digital edition and grade-specific Math Vocabulary Picture cards, the best selling TEKSas Target Practice™ digital program, Measurement Benchmark cards and the brand new review game, TarGET IT! in this bundle for high-interest STAAR®* Review. By bundling you pay only $280 – a savings of $41!

TEKSas Target Practice™ is not for sale or use outside of the state of Texas.

*STAAR® is a federally registered trademark and service mark of the Texas Education Agency.  Lone Star Learning® is not sponsored by or associated or affiliated with the Texas Education Agency, which has not endorsed the products or services of Lone Star Learning®.


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