Smart Choices™

Smart Choices

These posters give a variety of engaging sponge activities to help students learn to make smart choices for their time when they complete their work. Directions are included on the back of each poster.

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When students finish their work quickly, they can become disengaged or even turn to disruptive behavior. Change that with the self-guided activities included on these Smart Choices™ posters! These beautiful, full-color posters have a variety of themed sponge activities listed on the face, with full directions on the reverse. Once the directions have been explained, students will be equipped to learn to make smart choices for the use of their time between classroom tasks!

These full-color posters are printed on 11” x 17” glossy cardstock right here in the USA.

Available Posters

  • Primary Reading

  • Intermediate Reading

  • Vocabulary

  • Primary Geometry


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