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CLOSEOUT Target Reading™


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This edition of Target Reading is correlated to the old TEKS and is being retired! This daily bulletin board activity reinforces reading, language, and writing skills in just 10 minutes per day across a wide variety of question types.

If you’d like a digital version, check out Target Reading and Writing™

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Target Reading is a yearlong, high-interest, teacher-friendly, student-involving tool that teaches reading and language skills as well as elaboration in writing. In just 10 minutes per section, the program provides scaffolding for improvement in reading fluency, vocabulary development, writing elaboration, sentence construction and usage, handwriting, and the development of critical thinking skills. To make things even simpler, Target Reading and Writing ™ can be used in conjunction with any reading program to integrate seamlessly into your current teaching experience!

Students work with a single high-interest passage each week, encouraging the rereading for detail that is so necessary for fluency development and recall. This is especially true for reluctant readers!

Daily questions are provided for each week’s passage, allowing students to practice revising, editing, handwriting, and elaboration skills on their student think sheets. New guided Writing Prompt and Correct This Sentence activities focus on each step of the process, allowing students to become familiar with the practice of planning and preparing their writing.

Sometimes students may finish their work quickly. Our Smart Choices™ poster (included free in this program!) is designed to help students learn to use their time wisely when this happens. The front of the poster has a list of several engaging sponge activities for students to choose from, while the back has directions for each.

Samples and Free Trials

Grade Bulletin Board Digital
Grade 1 Grade 1 Sample Sheet Grade 1 Free Trial
Grade 2 Grade 2 Sample Sheet Grade 2 Free Trial
Grade 3 Grade 3 Sample Sheet Grade 3 Free Trial
Grade 4 Grade 4 Sample Sheet Grade 4 Free Trial
Grade 5 Grade 5 Sample Sheet Grade 5 Free Trial
Grade 6 Grade 6 Sample Sheet Grade 6 Free Trial

Tutorial Video

Want to learn how to use the digital version of Target Reading™?

Want to learn about the bulletin board version of Target Reading™?


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