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Ten Frame Cards™

Students sometimes need a visual representation of each number to 20 in order to move beyond rote counting. These Ten Frame Cards™ are an organized, easy to remember tool that fills just that need!


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Practicing with the Ten Frame Cards™ allows students to keep a mental picture of the value of each number. Students will be able to easily compose and decompose numbers to twenty using Ten Frame Cards™. Using both sets of the Ten Frame Cards™ in the make-a-ten strategy for addition will give your students a solid grasp of this hard-to-understand strategy.

This pack contains two full sets of flash cards. Each card depicts a ten frame with 0-10 of its boxes filled in, symbolizing a different number. Use these flash cards to help your students quickly visualize a number or to facilitate learning and recall of basic addition and subtraction facts.

Each package contains 2 sets with 11 cards per set. Cards measure 8.5” x 5.5”, and require minimal assembly.

These flash cards go great with our Problem Solving Mats™, so students can solve ten frame problems right along with you!

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