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Target the Question


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Target the Question™ is a unique 10-15 minute daily interactive problem-solving program using a weekly problem-solving scenario and color-coded questions.

Skills practiced:

  • choosing and applying problem-solving strategies
  • techniques to find needed information
  • identifying extraneous information
  • focusing on the question

Each kit includes:

  • problems and questions for each week of the school year
  • vinyl pocket for displaying the Question of the Day
  • days of the week pockets
  • directions for assembly and use
  • student think sheets
  • answer key
  • problem-solving strategies
  • Correlation to Common Core State Standards
  • Correlation to New TEKS

Kindergarten also includes:

  • 20 vinyl folders
  • 20 sets of story mats

The 1st grade program adds the use of problem solving mats, ensuring its developmental appropriateness.

Target the Question™ is correlated to the Common Core State Standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Available: Gr. K-7 English

See how it works! Watch this video.


Sample Sheets:

New! Kindergarten

Just 10-15 minutes a day ensures that:

  1. Students can apply mathematics to everyday life using story mats paired with a ten frame, a linear +/- model, or number line.
  2. Students can record their mathematical ideas concretely, pictorially, and then abstractly.

The bulletin board program includes:

  • 20 sets of 8 full-color story mats to be inserted in custom made clear vinyl pocket folders for student use.
  • 20 custom-made clear vinyl pocket folders
  • 5 clear vinyl pockets to display the Problems of the Day.


  • One full-color 8.5 x 14 addition poster
  • One full-color 8.5 x 14 subtraction poster
  • 36 weeks of Problems of the Day to be used with the story mats
  • Teacher packet with directions, answer key, and the eight full-color story mats to be used on the document camera.
  • student think sheets

The digital program includes:

Digital Target the Question, Kindergarten is designed to work well on any screen size from huge digital white boards and projectors, down to iPads.

A printable section that includes:

  • story mats, addition and subtraction posters, teacher packet with directions and answer keys.



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