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Virtual Board Programs

Yes! You’ll need to visit https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com and choose “log in with Google” to sync your account. Once that’s done, you can configure Classlink to use your Google login at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com. Please do not try to link to the program directly, you must enter through the dashboard in order for your login to validate!

The dashboard limits program access to a single window at a time. Try logging in again at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com. If you use a password manager or portal like Classlink, log in directly instead.

Be sure our site is whitelisted on your popup blocker. Our programs appear in a pop-up window. In Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, you may see an icon on the right-hand side of your menu bar alerting you if a pop-up has been blocked. Right click it and select “allow.” Otherwise, be sure any security plugins or add-ons include *.lonestarlearning.com in their allowed list.

Each program has a progress reset button inside it. Launch the program, then follow these directions:

Target RLA:  Log in, select a week, click the cog button marked “settings” at the bottom. Then click reset progress.

Seeing Science Structures:  Log in and click the settings option at the bottom to reset progress.

TEKSas Target Practice:  Log in and click the Reset Progress button along the bottom.

Plus Programs

The steps required to sync your Lone Star Learning dashboard to your Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology account vary slightly depending upon which system is in use.  For Google Classroom, teachers need to install the Lone Star Learning Plus extension.  After that, they will log in at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com and select “Start Program” to launch the program.

Canvas and Schoology require a few integration steps that we will gladly work through with your district’s IT department.  Once we are integrated with your district’s Canvas or Schoology account, you'll receive setup instructions via email.

You’ll need to log in at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com/ using the same email used in your Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas account to sync the two systems. If they’re still not synced, launch the program by selecting “Start Program” and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’re a Google Classroom campus, be sure you have installed the Lone Star Learning Plus extension.

If you’re a Schoology campus, access our library through our Bookwidgets partner plugin, available in External Tools.

Lone Star Learning PLUS works with your Classlink-enabled Learning Management System through the LMS. First you’ll need to log in directly at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com/ to sync your products. After this, your product will remain in your LMS for the duration of your license.

You can also use “log in with Google” to access https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com/ through classlink for your virtual board programs.

When creating content in your LMS, “create” option will show a Lone Star Learning Icon. From there, you can choose your grade and product for any subscription you have on your Lone Star Learning dashboard.

Yes! The content is the same in both the virtual board and Plus versions, just presented in 1:1 or virtual board format. We suggest beginning with the virtual board to ease your students into the habit of using our programs daily.  After you’ve completed a couple of cycles of the product, move over to the 1:1 version and have the students begin entering their answers on their devices.

Admins and teachers can also refer to our “Best Practices for Best Results”  to help Lone Star Learning Plus users get started.

TEKSas Target Practice Plus

Target the Question Plus

Target RLA Plus 

Lone Star Learning Plus integrates completely with your LMS, so its internal grading can be used. For an overview of a particular assignment, click your extension icon on the top right and select  “Live Widgets.” This will show you what’s been completed, how long students have or are spending on it, and what’s remaining to be done in real time. You can use live view to identify where students succeed and where they struggle as they’re working.

Product Usage Reports

The Lone Star Learning dashboard tracks the total number of times teachers access their virtual board program during the license term.  Usage reports can be created by selecting the usage reports option on the left side bar.  Several search parameters are available to provide you with details indicating teacher usage.  Usage reports will not be generated for Lone Star Learning Plus program users, as daily use occurs outside of our dashboard in the learning system.

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