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Lone Star Learning virtual and Plus programs do not store student data.  Campus administrators can upload a CSV of teachers to the system as a quick option for creating teacher accounts.  Plus programs utilize the roster built into the Learning Management System (like Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology) to manage student rosters.

From your dashboard, choose “+ Add a New User” on the left menu to enter the teacher information.  

In this case, a teacher may be linked to another campus, or may be in the system without the district and campus selected.  We can help! Email info@lonestarlearning.com with the teacher’s name and email address along with your district and campus name.  Alternatively, call us at 800/575-1424 for live assistance.

From your dashboard, choose “+ Assign Licenses” on the left menu. Using the search field to the right of each program, type in the name or email address of the teacher and select search.  Click their name to select that teacher.  After a teacher has been selected for each program, select "assign licenses" at the bottom.

Be sure all license holders have added noreply@lonestarlearning.com and dashboard@lonestarlearning.com to their approved (whitelisted) email list.


Complete instructions for campus administrators can be found here.

Complete instructions for district level administrators can be found here.

Please call 800-575-1424 or email info@lonestarlearning.com with the name and email address of the new campus admin.  We’ll contact them with a log in and instructions.

Please call 800-575-1424 or email info@lonestarlearning.com with specifics on what you need to change. 

The steps required to sync your Lone Star Learning dashboard to your Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology account vary slightly depending upon which system is in use.  For Google Classroom, teachers need to install the Lone Star Learning Plus extension.  After that, they will log in at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com and select “Start Program” to launch the program.  

Canvas and Schoology require a few integration steps that we will gladly work through with your district’s IT department.  Once we are integrated with your district’s Canvas or Schoology account, teachers will log in to our dashboard to begin the sync process.  Steps for syncing each system are found in the program quick start guides here

The email address used to log in to the Lone Star Learning dashboard must match the email address used to log in to the LMS (Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology).  Please have your teacher log out of both systems and then log in at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com/ to reinitiate the sync.  Select “Start Program” and either select “start” on our dashboard, or open your LMS as usual.  This should sync the systems so that your teacher sees Lone Star Learning Plus as an option when “Create” is selected.

Check the Free Resources tab for complimentary training resources including  tutorials, slide shows, research and support documents.  

Product Usage Reports

The Lone Star Learning dashboard tracks the total number of times teachers access their virtual board program during the license term.  Usage reports can be created by selecting the usage reports option on the left side bar.  Several search parameters are available to provide you with details indicating teacher usage.  Usage reports will not be generated for Lone Star Learning Plus program users, as daily use occurs outside of our dashboard in the learning system.

A “use” of the program is logged each time a teacher logs in and selects “Start Program.”  If a teacher has used a bookmark to launch the program directly, their usage will not track.  Please request that your teacher log in to the website and select “Start Program” each day for the most accurate reports.

The Lone Star Learning dashboard only tracks teacher use for virtual programs.  Usage for Plus programs is not tracked in our dashboard.  Plus details are managed via your Learning Management System.  We suggest that teachers add their admin as a co-teacher to the classes in their LMS so that admins can confirm usage for Plus programs.  

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