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Purchasing tax-exempt?  Request a quote, call with credit card payment at 800-575-1424, or fax or email your Purchase Order to 806-281-1407 or sales@lonestarlearning.com with your tax exempt certificate.

Lone Star Learning virtual and Plus programs do not store student data.  Campus administrators can upload a CSV of teachers to the system as a quick option for creating teacher accounts.  Plus programs utilize the roster built into the Learning Management System (like Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology) to manage student rosters.

From your dashboard, choose “+ Add a New User” on the left menu to enter the teacher information.  

In this case, a teacher may be linked to another campus, or may be in the system without the district and campus selected.  We can help! Email info@lonestarlearning.com with the teacher’s name and email address along with your district and campus name.  Alternatively, call us at 800-575-1424 for live assistance.

From your dashboard, choose “+ Assign Licenses” on the left menu. Using the search field to the right of each program, type in the name or email address of the teacher and select search.  Click their name to select that teacher.  After a teacher has been selected for each program, click the "assign licenses" button at the bottom.

From your dashboard, select the View all Assigned Licenses option on the left. Locate the license that needs to be reassigned. Select the checkbox to the left of the license and the red trashcan in the upper right to unassign the license. Follow the instructions to assign the license to the new teacher.

Each teacher that needs access should have their own license. Please reach out to us at info@lonestarlearning.com to request a quote for additional licenses, or use our handy request a quote form.

We are happy to accommodate switching like programs from one grade or language to another. We are unable to swap one program title to another. For example, TEKSas Target Practice can not be swapped for Target RLA. Please reach out to us to explain your needs and we will find the best solution for you.

As admin, you can assign a program to yourself out of the lot that has been purchased. You can view/use/test the program and then unassign it from your account and reassign it to the user it was purchased for. As admin, if you need consistent access to a program, you should purchase a license for yourself to remain compliant to the copyright requirements. Sharing licenses is prohibited.

Admins can select View All Assigned Licenses to see a list of licenses and the teachers that they are assigned to. Select the +Assign Licenses option to see if any leftover programs still need assigning.

License allocations can be viewed by selecting the View All Allocated Licenses option from the left of your dashboard. Admins will see any allocations that have been created. Admins can see any assignments that have been created from these allocations as well. Product allocations that have been fully assigned will appear as a green row. Product allocations that still have assignments that need to be completed will show as a white row. District admins will see an up/down arrow to the very right of each group of allocated licenses. Select the up/down arrow to view which users have been assigned to the licenses. Usage Reports can further enlighten by showing whether the assigned users have used their program yet. We recommend familiarizing yourself with Usage Report features early on to promote fidelity of use and to spot campuses or grades that may need additional support getting started.

District admins have two options. They can allocate licenses to campuses or they can assign licenses directly to teachers. License allocation is explained in the district admin set up instructions found here.

Be sure all license holders have added noreply@lonestarlearning.com and dashboard@lonestarlearning.com to their approved (whitelisted) email list.


Complete instructions for campus administrators can be found here.

Complete instructions for district level administrators can be found here.

Please call 800-575-1424 or email info@lonestarlearning.com with the name and email address of the new campus admin.  We’ll contact them with a log in and instructions.

Please call 800-575-1424 or email info@lonestarlearning.com with specifics on what you need to change. 

The steps required to sync your Lone Star Learning dashboard to your Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology account vary slightly depending upon which system is in use. 

For Google Classroom, teachers need to install the Lone Star Learning Plus extension.  After that, they will log in at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com and select “Start Program” to launch the program.  

Canvas and Schoology require a few integration steps that we will gladly work through with your district’s IT department.  Once we are integrated with your district’s Canvas or Schoology account, teachers will log in to our dashboard to begin the sync process.  Steps for syncing each system are found in the program quick start guides here

The email address used to log in to the Lone Star Learning dashboard must match the email address used to log in to the LMS (Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology).  Please have your teacher log out of both systems and then log in at https://dashboard.lonestarlearning.com/ to reinitiate the sync.  Select “Start Program” and either select “start” on our dashboard, or open your LMS as usual.  This should sync the systems so that your teacher sees Lone Star Learning Plus as an option when “Create” is selected.

Yes! We have free tutorials for all of our programs available on our website. If you prefer a more curated experience, you can fill out our training request form. We offer online training and will reach out with questions and a quote for the service once your request has been submitted.

Admins can send helpful reminders to teachers in two areas of the dashboard. Select View All Users and search for a specific user. Once found, click the up/down arrow on the right. Details about sync status for Plus users are found here along with a link to a login reminder. The second way you can send a reminder to your teacher is by selecting Usage Report. When you view the usage report, teachers that have not recently used their program will have a send login reminder link to the very right. This link will only appear in instances where usage is 0 or where usage has not been recent.

Check the Resources tab above for complimentary training resources including slide shows, tutorials, research and support documents.  

Product Usage Reports

The Lone Star Learning dashboard tracks the total number of times teachers access their virtual board program during the license term. For Plus users, it also tracks assignments that teachers make to their students via their LMS (Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology). Reports are updated nightly and may be viewed in the Usage Report section on the left menu. Plus user assignments will appear once a student has accessed their assigned widget (assignment). Details of the daily interactions can be viewed by selecting the up and down arrow under the show details column. In the detailed report pop up, admins can select a date on the left to see a list of interactions on the right. There will be an entry for each interaction. Export options for sharing reports are available by selecting the Export button on the right of the usage Reports screen. For a report that includes the detailed report information, please select the request detailed CSV option from the Export drop down. Enter in the requested information and submit your request. Return the next day to retrieve your detailed report.

Usage Reports track teacher usage by counting the days a virtual board program is used and when Plus assignments are worked by their students. We suggest checking usage often initially to assist in spotting instances where teachers may need additional technical or set up assistance. These reports can be easily saved and compared with the CSV export option. If you have questions about any information on your usage report, please email us at info@lonestarlearning.com.

Usage Reports can be exported as a CSV, Emailed as a CSV, Printed in PDF form directly from the report screen, and emailed as a PDF.

Use tracking varies by product. For a Plus Product, a "use" is recorded when a student accesses an assignment (not when the teacher assigns it). For Virtual Board products, the use is recorded each time the "start program" button is clicked. For best results, teachers should log in to dashboard.lonestarlearning.com each day and launch the product directly from the dashboard. Do not create bookmarks directly to products, as these may not record use correctly.

There are 2 reasons that teachers might see more Plus assignments created in their LMS (Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology) than the number shows in the Lone Star Learning usage report.

  1. Plus assignments are linked not only to the teacher creating an assignment, but to a student (any student, only 1 is required) opening the assignment.  The LMS will show the assignment has been created.  The Lone Star Learning usage report shows that the assignment was created, and that a student interacted with it.  In instances where teachers create assignments in bulk, the number of Plus assignments will only show an increase in number when a student has opened the assignment. This gives the admin a full view of what the teacher has assigned along with what students have interacted with.  (No student data is collected by the Lone Star Learning dashboard.  The dashboard simply registers when an assignment, called a widget, is opened by a student.)
  2. If you are a part of a district or campus that has used Plus programs for consecutive years, teachers may see differences between the number of assignments created in their LMS vs. assignments created in our dashboard.  Lone Star Learning licenses have a start and end date that the LMS does not consider.  Teachers may see assignments in their LMS that were created during the previous license term, while the default settings in the Lone Star learning dashboard don’t automatically show them.

Here is an example and a solution:

If your renewal was on October 1, the Lone Star Learning dashboard will show usage data from Oct 1 (Even if you select a date range prior to 10/1.  The date range filter only applies to active licenses and will not show expired licenses that are within that range automatically.).  Teachers that were using the Plus program during the previous license term will still see all assignments in their LMS, but admins will not see that activity in our dashboard by simply running the default report.  There is a solution!  As admin, when you run your report, select the checkbox that says, “Show expired orders.”  This report will include previous assignment data along with current assignment data and will give you a better glimpse into the usage across the school year rather being limited by start/end dates of your renewal cycle.

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