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Target RLA™

Target Reading and Language Arts skills with Target RLA™!

Two products for the price of one!

Target Reading

  • weekly passages
  • sight words
  • multimodal content to enhance passages with video, picture, and sound

Target Language Arts

  • complete 2019 TEKS requirements
  • expanded language arts section
  • daily writing prompts and correct this sentence activities

Each online program reinforces reading, language, and writing skills in just 10 to 15 minutes per program (Reading and ELA) across a wide variety of question types, writing prompts, and review posters to help each student excel.

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Target RLA™ is a yearlong, high-interest, teacher-friendly, student-involving tool that teaches reading and language skills as well as elaboration in writing. In just 10 to 15 minutes per section, the program provides scaffolding for improvement in reading fluency, vocabulary development, writing elaboration, sentence construction and usage, handwriting, and the development of critical thinking skills. Target RLA integrates seamlessly into your current Reading and Language Arts programs!

Students work with a single high-interest passage each week, encouraging the rereading for detail that is so necessary for fluency development and recall. This is especially true for reluctant readers!

Daily questions are provided for each week’s passage, allowing students to practice revising, editing, handwriting, and elaboration skills on their student think sheets. New guided Writing Prompt and Correct This Sentence activities focus on each step of the process, allowing students to become familiar with the practice of planning and preparing their writing.

Sometimes students may finish their work quickly. Our Smart Choices™ poster (included free in this program!) is designed to help students learn to use their time wisely when this happens. The front of the poster has a list of several engaging sponge activities for students to choose from, while the back has directions for each.

Samples and Free Trials

Grade Bulletin Board Digital
Grade 1 Grade 1 Sample Sheet Grade 1 Free Trial
Grade 2 Grade 2 Sample Sheet Grade 2 Free Trial
Grade 3 Grade 3 Sample Sheet Grade 3 Free Trial
Grade 4 Grade 4 Sample Sheet Grade 4 Free Trial
Grade 5 Grade 5 Sample Sheet Grade 5 Free Trial

Tutorial Video

9 reviews for Target RLA™

  1. Ennis ISD 5th grade teacher

    We have just recently purchased Target Reading and we LOVE it! One testimony to why it works is that it has helped students work through the answers together as a class and reason why the answers are correct/incorrect. Every morning they come in and get their Chromebooks and start working because they are eager to discuss the question and answer choices as a class and talk about what kind of strategies they need to use on the question.

  2. Sara Rossett

    Target Reading is very user friendly, and the content is excellent.

  3. Melissa Rhine

    I love that it covers all my TEKS and reviews! I also love that it is short, sweet, and to the point!

  4. Jacy Roach, Garner ISD, 5th grade

    I love the questioning, short answer and multiple choice options. This is just a great review!

  5. Laura Depp

    This product aligns well to the TEKS. The spiral review gives students ongoing practice.

  6. Leslie McCullough

    The comprehension questions build each day. I had students making 30’s before beginning this and students are now making 60’s. Would love if the literature was connected to Renaissance or Epic.

  7. 6th grade teacher in Texas

    I use digital Target Reading for my 6th grade class. I love the high interest passages and the higher level thinking questions. I also love the option to use open ended questions or multiple choice questions. I feel that this program had a positive impact in improving my students’ test scores.

  8. Kritstin Williams

    I am so impressed with the Target Reading program I purchased for my 4th-grade class. We are going into the 4th week of school and this is my first year utilizing it, but I can already see a change in my students writing. I am teaching at a tier 4, title 1 school. About 30% of my students passed STAAR last year and I knew they would need some extra practice if they were going to have any hope of improving this year. This program has interesting stories every week that are fun for the students to read. They never get bored with the materials provided. I love the sentence building exercise that they do every day because not only are they learning how to build good, descriptive sentences but they are learning what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are. And this is something they practice EVERY day. The questions of the day are higher level thinking and require the students to refer back to the story for details. I can’t say enough good things about this program. Money well spent and I will be using it for years to come. Thank you for creating this wonderful program! It is something I think every district in Texas should be using.

  9. Lillie Neely

    I absolutely LOVE Target Reading. It provides me the opportunity to touch on some concepts not formally introduced yet as well as reviewing important concepts throughout the year.

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