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Megan Richard, 3rd grade Teacher

TEKS Target Practice has been a game changer for our math scores. We have had the paper version for the past 3 years. This year we purchased the electronic version and it has been even easier to implement. We have implemented TEKS Target Board as morning work. Students automatically know their expectations when they walk in the classroom. When we introduce a new topic our students already have a baseline of information because they have seen something like it on the Target board. We have used the TEKS Target Board in 3rd faithfully and our scores have improved drastically.

2013-2014 (no TEKS Target Board) 69%
2014-2015 (Math Scores did not count)
2015-2016 (1st year of TEKS Target Board) 70%
2016-2017 (2nd year of TEKS Target Board) 88%
2017-2018 (3rd year of TEKS Target Board) 89%
We LOVE TEKS Target Board!!!