Middle School

  • Product Image of Target the Question including Monday through Friday question examples, a Scenario example, answer key, student sheet, and problem solving poster. Update banner.

    Target the Question™

  • Math Vocabulary Pictures™

  • Sample usage of Create-a-Folder Math for customized study folders


  • Fraction/Line screenshots, showing the userface


  • 4 example cards from Get the Picture Antonym vocabulary cards: Lethargic, Exuberant, Extinguish, Ignite

    Antonym Word Pictures™ vocabulary cards

  • Commonly Confused Words

  • Teachers' Choice Award 2013 ribbon and 8 example cards from Get the Picture Greek and Latin Roots vocabulary cards, the 4 Greek roots Zo, Onym, Metr, and Hydr, and the 4 Latin roots Vor, Dict, Hum, and Simil

    Greek and Latin Roots™ vocabulary cards

  • 4 example cards from Get the Picture Homophones vocabulary cards: Chili, Chilly, Flee, Flea

    Homophones™ vocabulary cards

  • Closeout banner for Get the Picture Math Target Vocabulary cards. includes 2012 TCA

    Math Target Vocabulary Pictures™

  • Measurement Benchmarks™ vocabulary cards

  • 5 example cards from Get the Picture Science Vocabulary Pictures cards: Gear, Celsius, Pulley, Reptile, and Inherited

    Science Vocabulary Pictures™

  • Product image for Tricky Math Terms including example cards of Mean, Eight, and Point, Get the Picture logo

    Tricky Math Terms™ vocabulary cards

  • 3 example cards from Get the Picture Visual Verbs vocabulary cards: Sleep, Draw, Help

    Visual Verbs™ vocabulary cards

  • Teachers' Choice Award 2013 ribbon and example cards from Get the Picture Word of the Day vocabulary cards: Toxic, Decoy, Buffoon, Expedite, Galleon, Vigilant

    Word of the Day™ vocabulary cards

  • Addition and Subtraction posters

    Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division Posters

  • 5 example posters, one from each of the 5 sets of Calculator Coach: Absolute Value from Algebra, Stat-Edit Linear from Graphing, Mean from Measures of Central Tendency, Pi from Geometry, and Hint from Basic Info.

    Calculator Coach™

  • Equivalency Posters, both Percents from 6.25% to 100% and Dollar from Nickel to Dollar

    Equivalency Posters™

  • Example Four x Four review game

    Four x Four™

  • 6 of our 4-Color Response Cards arranged in a fan

    Four-color Response Cards™

  • 4 examples of Got It! Mnemonic Posters: Celsius: Feet in a Mile, Oxidation/Reduction, and Units in a Gallon

    Got It! Mnemonic Posters™

  • Intermediate Number Line with 0, 1, one-half, 0.5, three-fourths, 75%, and pie chart cards all in place

    Intermediate Number Line™

  • Book cover and two example pages from Musical Math. The pages show "Solid Shapes," set to the tune of "Ten Little Indians," and "Solids," set to the tune of "This Old Man."

    Musical Math™

  • 3 example cards from Scavenger Hunts: Properties of Real Numbers, Simplifying Expressions, and Order of Operations

    Scavenger Hunt™

  • 2 Smart Choices posters, including the Primary Reading and Vocabulary versions

    Smart Choices™