Science Tools


Thirty-three posters illustrating common tools used in scientific investigations. Each poster presents the term with the tool incorporated right into the word so students associate the word and image quickly and effortlessly!



This beautiful poster set introduces and reinforces 33 common science tools in simple illustrated form. Hang a set of these on your walls to help your students quickly remember that a glass dish is actually called a Petri dish and that the instrument used to examine the contents of the Petri dish is called a microscope.

Each poster in the set features a different tool with the tool itself illustrated right into the term. The “L” in “slides” is long, cradling a glass microscope slide. The downstroke of the “p” in “pipette” features a plastic pipette. These posters are printed in full color on large 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of cardstock, ensuring many years of use as-is and even more if you choose to laminate them!