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Science vocabulary is overwhelming, but we have narrowed the focus to the most essential core words, then provided organization to help students classify and clarify these terms, moving the unknown into solid memory.

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Often with a great hands-on science program, vocabulary takes a back seat to general concept-building. When this happens, your students understand the various science concepts but don’t test well. We have found that students may “get” the concepts, but don’t have a solid grasp of the specific vocabulary needed to communicate understanding of these concepts. We created Seeing Science Structures™ as a supplement to bridge this gap from hands-on to testing. Seeing Science Structures™ was intentionally arranged into specific topics which are tightly-focused in scope but flexible in sequence. Units are not rigidly organized into “days” or “weeks,” and they don’t follow a prescribed order. Use them in the order that makes sense for your curriculum, and spend as much, or little, time as you need! Each unit has a carefully selected and structured vocabulary and note-taking sheet. Even hesitant or new science teachers can feel confident as they easily guide their students through the complexities of their science content. After guided note-taking, students then move to an independent (or group) Think Sheet where they apply their newly-attained knowledge.

Students use this combination of vocabulary and activities to complete their Concept Builder (teacher -guided concept understanding) and Think Sheets (student application).

Seeing Science Structures™ is based on the goals and standards of the National Academy of Sciences and is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), so it offers a rigorous, inquiry-based approach to science review for any classroom. Seeing Science Structures™ includes:

  • Vocabulary Cards and Pocket Chart
  • Topic Cards with Pocket
  • Activity Key Poster
  • Core Vocabulary Poster
  • Table of Contents Guide
  • CD with:
    • 36 Printable Think Sheets
    • 36 Printable Concept Builders (to guide note taking)
    • Core Vocabulary Recording Sheets
    • Visual Program Overview (Tutorial Video)
    • Printable Manual
    • Answer Keys
    • Correlations to the TEKS and NSES

Tables of Contents:

These tables of contents list all of the units in each grade. Remember, you don’t have to move in the stated order, we just provide them as a guide for planning how Seeing Science Structures™ will integrate with your curriculum. Take a look at the following PDFs to see what kinds of material are covered!

Looking for other science reviews? We also offer Science Vocabulary Pictures™ flash cards for quick daily review of important science terms.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I taught 5th grade science for 11 years. I was lucky enough to use Seeing Science Structures for the last 2 years! This program really helped my students learn science vocabulary and make the necessary connections to learn the concepts. I am now teaching 6th grade science and wished that Seeing Science Structures was available for 6-8 grades!

    • :

      Hi Ms. Hayes:)

      Thank you for using Seeing Science Structures! We love to hear your positive comments and are so happy to hear that the program was helpful to both you and your students. That is our ultimate goal!

      At this point, Seeing Science Structures is not going to expand into 6-8th grades. The focus team is hoping to re-develop it to be available in a digital format, however, I haven’t heard any word that they will be expanding the line to include additional grade levels. I will certainly share your enthusiasm for the product along with your special request at our next meeting. As retired teachers, we appreciate you greatly and take your needs to heart when planning our next steps.

      We do have a middle school science product (very different in scope from SSS) called Quick Click! I am going to set up a free digital demo of it for you. You can play with the program for a semester and see if it could be helpful in planning your visual resources for your middle school science lessons. The product is packed with grade appropriate reference pictures that can be stacked in to easily accessible categories or lessons of your choosing. You can zoom in/out and make notes right there on the screen – or better yet, have the students help! You’ll receive an automated email with log in information. Be sure to check your spam if you don’t receive anything. It’ll come from Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions:)

      Thanks again for contacting us. If you should need anything else or have any further questions, please contact me. You can email me directly at or phone the office at 800/575-1424.

      Thank you,
      Gala Bohannon
      Lone Star Learning

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