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Seeing Science Structures


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Seeing Science Structures is a supplementary, teacher friendly, interactive program for reviewing science vocabulary, science concepts and process skills, as well as for teaching thinking strategies. Students are taught Question-Answering Strategies which provide a structure for answering ques tions and solving problems. The same pattern is used daily to help students fully analyze questions before attempting an answer. This program is designed to be used for a short period each day; however, it may also be used for a full class period, as a teacher directed lesson or as a unit review.

Seeing Science Structures will complement any hands-on science curriculum already in use. Available for 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade.

Seeing Science Structures Components:

  • Vocabulary Cards and Pocket Chart
  • Topic Cards with Pocket
  • Activity Key Poster
  • Core Vocabulary Poster
  • Table of Contents Guide
  • CD with:
    • 36 Think Sheets
    • 36 Printable Concept Builders (to guide note taking)
    • Core Vocabulary Recording Sheets
    • Visual Program Overview
    • Printable Manual
    • Answer Keys
    • Correlations to the TEKS and NSES

Sample Sheets:



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