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Commonly Confused Words

Clear up confusion for word pairs and triplets with these illustrated vocabulary cards! Including common errors like their/there/they’re, too/to/two, and loose/lose, Commonly Confused Words™ will help students learn these words and appropriate usage quickly and easily.

QR codes give students access to quick animations reinforcing the distinction.



Words that sound alike or nearly alike but have different meanings often cause writers trouble. We have taken some of the most commonly confused word pairs or triplets and presented them in a visual way to help students differentiate and remember which one to use when. These beautiful, full-color cards ship ready to display on your word wall. Students can access them all day, passively absorbing meanings through the words and illustrations, or actively engaging during vocabulary review.

Commonly Confused Words™ includes 30, 8.5″ x 11″ cards, with either 2 or 3 words per card. They are printed on cardstock, perfect for laminating, inserting in vinyl pockets, or displaying as-is!

Word List

accept / except
access / excess
addition / edition
altar / alter
allot / a lot
allowed / aloud
already / all ready
all right
ante / anti
ascent / assent
between / among
board / bored
both / each
bridal / bridle
bring / take
clothes / cloths
continuous / continual
different from / different than
each other / one another
eager / anxious
fewer / less
further / farther
indifferent / in different
it’s / its
loose / lose
then / than
they’re / there / their
two / to / too
who’s / whose
you’re / your

7 reviews for Commonly Confused Words

  1. TCA Review

    I definitely recommend Commonly Confused Words™ to any classroom teacher. The charts illustrate the meaning of many commonly misused words that constantly need to be reviewed for students. They are a perfect size to make into a bulletin board or display around the room. With the visuals, students can refer to them when using them in their writing. If some students really need extra support, the charts are easy to fit on a desk to refer to. The charts can be used in any order and all throughout the year. These charts are a quick reference and a valuable tool to help students learn the difference between words. A fabulous resource for any classroom!

  2. TCA Review

    I really like that the Commonly Confused Words™posters are so colorful. They are also self explanatory in showing the difference in the words. I actually learned something from them!

  3. TCA Review

    I especially like how easy to read and colorful the Commonly Confused Words™charts are that explain the differences in misused words. The charts list the two words on the same card with images to better explain the meaning of the words. The students can easily read the charts while posted in the room and see the difference in the words. The printing on the charts allows students to see them from a distance and refer to them when needed. The charts are not cluttered with borders so the meanings of the words are very visible. They are printed on cardstock making them durable. With them being the size of a piece of paper, they are easy to store or to use on a students’ desk. They are a valuable teaching tool as well as being extremely versatile to use.

  4. TCA Review

    I love that Commonly Confused Words™ provides a visual way for learners to remember commonly confused or misspelled words. It even helped me out a bit- ha! Students enjoy working with them because it makes learning hard vocabulary words easier. I also love the technology component using the QR codes.

  5. Ms. Selig

    Love Lone Star Learning! Such awesome visual supports!

  6. Renee Knoblauch, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

    I went over several cards with my daughter every day. We would talk about each word and go over the definition. Some days I would have my daughter write out a sentence. Other days we would just do a sentence out loud. For fun, I had my daughter pretend she was the teacher and I had to put the words in sentences.

    This has been a nice creative resource to use in my homeschool for helping my daughter sort out these commonly confused words.

    I would recommend these cards for anyone who is looking for a visual way to teach your kids how to discern those pesky commonly confused words.

    -Product review by Renee Knoblauch, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, June 2017

    The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC as the source of the review and a link to our website at http://TheOldSchoolhouse.com

  7. Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC June 2017

    I absolutely loved these flashcards. I would definitely recommend them to fellow educators. Anytime you can make confusing aspects of academia a bit easier, I am all for it. My daughter willingly worked through learning the words on the flashcards. She even quizzed her older sibling to see if they knew the difference between specific words. While the flashcards are made from cardstock, I would definitely recommend getting the cards laminated for durability. At first, I wished the cards were a bit smaller but then realized that the size was indeed perfect. I had my daughter use her finger to trace the words to help imprint in her memory the spellings. Smaller-sized cards would not have worked for tracing. This size would also be highly beneficial for a classroom setting or for displaying.

    -Product reviewed by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017

    The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC as the source of the review and a link to our website at http://TheOldSchoolhouse.com

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