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Gimme 3

Making Minutes Matter

Ever finish a lesson early and have 5-10 minutes you don’t want to waste? Want to encourage teamwork? Collaboration? Higher level thinking? Want to recycle wasted minutes and practice spaced review?

Recycle wasted minutes. Empower review. Build community in your classroom.

Try one and you will be hooked!

3 for $25 or 60 for $399 (33% off!) Discount automatically applies in cart.

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Gimme 3 reasons why you should grab this product


  1. Naturally reinforce skills
  2. Improve classroom management
  3. Recycle wasted minutes into powerful review.

Gimme 3 is an easy-to-carry activity for teachers, administrators, or families. Keep focus when moving between classes, lining up, or with a surprise guest.
Each set includes 20 questions and a carrying pouch.

$9.99 each, 3 for $25, or 60 for $399! Discount automatically applies in cart.

Meeting Starters

(For administrators to use in staff meetings)
Try this fun way to begin your next staff meeting – or – use these during meetings to keep everyone on their toes.

Growth Mindset (for Teachers)

(For administration to use in staff meetings)
Encourage positive thinking & promote a healthy professional growth mindset with opportunities to intentionally choose the words we say.

Knowledge is Power

(For administrators to use in staff meetings)
Teachers LOVE sharing & learning from each other! The wisdom & hints teachers accrue from experience is golden.

All About Me

(For teachers to use in classrooms & administrators to use in staff meetings)
Here’s a great way to get to know each other. Everyone will have fun!

Classroom Procedures

(For teachers to use in the classroom)
Here’s the perfect way to make sure your students know and understand your expectations for them. When THEY are talking about the “rules” instead of just listening to them, it’s powerful!! Review throughout the year as needed.

Tired Words

(For teachers to use in the classroom)
Here’s a fun way to collect “words to use instead of_____”. Students won’t stop at merely 3! This might start ongoing lists!

Science Investigation & Reasoning

(For teachers to use in the classroom)
Classroom and outdoor investigations will be safer and more effective when students know the practices of great investigations.

Social Emotional Learning

(For teachers to use in the classroom)
Try these turnaround statements with your students. Build self-confidence while they practice saying positive words, instilling the growth mindset you want to see!


4 reviews for Gimme 3

  1. Teacher Review

    My favorite thing about Gimme 3™ is its simplicity. It is so easy to use and adapt to transitions or brain breaks. Having them in a lanyard made it easy to take with us as well.

  2. Gimme 3 Fan

    Gimme 3™ is a great product that helps with classroom and transition management. I would absolutely recommend this to other teachers. It is so easy to use and the kids really respond well to the requests.

  3. Teacher Review

    Gimme 3™Growth Mindset for Teachers took everyday issues and made them okay to talk about. It addressed the relevant concerns of teachers. It then took those negatives and creatively turned them around in a way that teachers and other staff need to think about them positively. Because it puts the words and hopefully the efforts back on the teacher/staff it builds self-efficacy and reflection.

  4. Friendly Reviewer

    I absolutely recommend Gimme 3™ to teacher leaders and administrators. Growth Mindset for Teachers is not afraid to address things that teachers really think and sometimes say to peers, that are out of frustration and negative experiences. This encourages frank discussions while allowing teachers to see they are not alone. Furthermore, it builds self-efficacy because the teachers themselves are thinking of positive solutions or ways to say things.

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