Operation Options Posters™

Early learners may need reminding of the options they have for solving addition and subtraction problems. This poster set is designed to do just that! Each poster illustrates a different operation-solution option in a fun, clear way to help keep the whole class on the same page.

All posters include a QR code that can be scanned to access an animation to help emphasize the meaning.
Learn how to use the QR Codes on your posters here.


Teaching students all of the options available for solving addition and subtraction problems is an effective way to develop lasting math skills. But how can students remember all the various strategies available to them?

Instead, use these Operation Options™ posters! Each poster illustrates a different solution strategy, such as using tally marks or counting on. The strategy is written out with illustrations designed to look just like the strategy, helping keep the whole class on track. Students can simply glance at the posters to review the options for solving each operation during math lessons or independent study.

This set includes 11 full-color, 8.5” x 11” posters, printed on glossy cardstock. They are highly visible and durable, ready for lamination or displaying as-is!


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