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P.E. Words

Your elementary school gym walls don’t have to stay empty!

Use the space to create connections with visual vocabulary P. E. Words. This scientifically-proven method of layering meaning with visuals ensures that even your earliest learners will form fast connections to words and meaning. When a student sees the word combined with an image and is able to act it out in a safe play environment they gain a learning experience that rapidly builds word associations. Increasing evidence suggests that physical activity improves academic performance, builds better memories, and forms stronger attentiveness in students (NIH).

Each 11 x 17 poster is printed on glossy, high quality text stock for years of durability, and drawn with high contrast visuals easy to recognize from any distance.

PE PE Words Physical Education Gym Word Wall



What’s on your elementary gym wall?

Word walls are proven to help students make connections and use content specific vocabulary as they hear and see the terms. Anyone could print words onto the gym wall, but our dual-coded visuals greatly increase the efficacy of learning.

When students see the word with a visual definition woven in, they experience both the text and meaning. A teacher says gallop and the students see “horse,” or the teacher says “over” and the students visualize a basketball soaring over the word. Each pack contains 50 words to build young vocabularies!

Intentional, effective words on your gym walls boost learning while you play!