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Scavenger Hunt

Get your class up and moving with this unique alternative to a traditional worksheet! Students are asked to solve a series of themed problems, and the answers to the problems are scattered around the room. Students must first solve, then hunt for the answer in order to find the next problem. Buy in BUNDLES and SAVE!

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Great alternatives to worksheets, these classroom-tested review games are a perfect way to get students out of their seats and actively learning! Each game is set up around the room in “stations.” Students must answer the first problem or question, then find the station with that answer displayed at the top. The bottom of that station will have a new question or problem to answer or solve. Once they have done that, they have to go find the corresponding station, and so on until all problems have been worked.

Each set has 10-20 cards per set, printed on 8.5” x 11” cardstock. $11/set. Buy in BUNDLES and SAVE!

Available Bundles:

6th & 7th 8th/Pre Algebra Algebra 1 & 2 Geometry
Area Complementary & Supplementary Exponent Rules Area
Capacity Expressions Expressions Complementary & Supplementary
Combining Integers Greatest Common Factor Factoring Midpoint & Distance
Complementary & Supplementary Midpoint & Distance Factoring to Simplify Perimeter & Area
Expressions Mixed Monomials Geometric Figures Polygon Angles
Geometric Figures Multi-Step Equations Greatest Common Factor Radicals
Measures of Angles Order of Operations Mixed Monomials Volume
Multiply & Divide Integers Perimeter & Area Multi-Step Equations
Number Line Polygon Angles Parent Functions
Order of Operations Properties of Real Numbers Polygon Angles
Perimeter & Area Radicals Properties of Real Numbers
Perimeter & Circumference Probability Radicals
Probability Simplifying Variables Radicals: Divide & Simplify
Properties of Real Numbers Slope Rationalizing the Denominator
Simple Interest Solve for x Simplifying Expressions
Squares/Square Roots Solving Monomials Simplifying Variables
Surface Area Squares/Square Roots Slope
Unit Rate Two & Three Step Equations Solve for x
Visual Volume Two-Step Equations Solving Monomials
Volume Two-Step Equations II Squares/Square Roots
Two-Step Inequalities Systems of Equations
Unit Rate Two & Three Step Equations
Volume Two-Step Equations
Two-Step Inequalities


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