Scavenger Hunt™

Get your class up and moving with this unique alternative to a traditional worksheet! Students are asked to solve a series of themed problems, and the answers to the problems are scattered around the room. Students must first solve, then hunt for the answer in order to find the next problem. Available in 37 titles and counting!

Price: $10.99 per set



Great alternatives to worksheets, these classroom-tested review games are a perfect way to get students out of their seats and actively learning! Each game is set up around the room in “stations.” Students must answer the first problem or question, then find the station with that answer displayed at the top. The bottom of that station will have a new question or problem to answer or solve. Once they have done that, they have to go find the corresponding station, and so on until all problems have been worked.

Each set has 10-20 cards per set, printed on 8.5” x 11” cardstock. All sets are $10.99. Currently we offer the sets below, but check back as our selection is expanding!

Available Sets:

Grades 2–4Grades 4–8Algebra
Addition2-Step EquationsExponent Rules
Analog Clocks2-Step Equations IIExpressions
Complementary/Supplementary Angles2- and 3-Step EquationsFactoring
Equivalent MeasuresAdditionFactoring to Simplify
Number LinesAreaGreatest Common Factor
VolumeComplementary/Supplementary AnglesMidpoint & Distance
 Equivalent MeasuresMixed Monomials
 ExpressionsMulti-Step Equations
 Geometric FiguresParent Functions
 Multi-Step EquationsPolygon Angles
 Number LinesProperties of Real Numbers
 Order of OperationsRationalizing the Denominator
GeometryPerimeter & AreaRadicals
Polygon AnglesPerimeter & CircumferenceRadicals: Divide and Simplify
Properties of Real NumbersProbabilitySimplifying Expressions II
RadicalsRadicalsSimplifying Variables
Visual VolumeSimplifying ExpressionsSlope
 Simplifying Expressions IISolve for x
 Simplifying VariablesSolving Monomials
 Solving Monomials 
 Surface Area 
 Two-Step Inequalities 
 Visual Volume 


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