Square Scrambles™

Square Scrambles™ are a series of quick, 1-minute review games that are engaging and self-checking. Over 30 different sets are available, covering material in math, language arts, science, and geography!

Price: $10.99 per set



Square Scrambles™ are a series of games created for independent practice. They are designed to take approximately 1 minute, and are self-checking, making them ideal to start off a review session and lead into further discussion, or end one to make sure everyone is on the same page!

Each game is composed of 9 tiles, each divided into 4 sections. The tiles have to be aligned so that facing sides are true. Once students have finished their assembly, they can flip their cards over and check their work; the answer key is printed on the reverse of all of the cards.

All packs come with 10 identical copies of the game, printed on cardstock. Choose from any of over 30 sets!

  • Math

    • Adding & Subtracting Integers
    • Base 10 Block Place Value
    • Basic Geometric Shapes
    • Basic Place Value
    • Common Fraction/Decimal Equivalents
    • Cubes
    • Division 1
    • Division 2
    • Equivalent Customary Measures
    • Equivalent Metric Measures
    • Fractions 1
    • Fractions 2
    • Geometry
    • Geometric Formulas (8th grade +)
    • Greatest Common Factor
    • Math Morphemes
    • Measurement Abbreviations
    • Measurement Benchmarks
    • Mixed Numbers/Improper Fractions
    • Naming Integers
    • Percent of a Number
    • Roman Numerals
    • Rounding
    • Squares
    • Tricky Multiplication Facts
  • ELA

    • Commonly Confused Words
    • Greek & Latin Prefixes 1
    • Greek & Latin Prefixes 2
    • Greek & Latin Suffixes 1
    • Greek & Latin Root Words 1
  • Science

    • Basic Elements of Periodic Table (1-18)
    • Basic Elements of Periodic Table (19-36)
    • Science Measurement Tools
    • Science Measurement Tools (Pictures)
  • Geography

    • Central US States & Capitals
    • Eastern US States & Capitals
    • Western US States & Capitals


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