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Antonym Word Pictures™

Help students quickly and easily learn new vocabulary with these Antonym Word Pictures™! These antonym cards are paired and illustrated to look just like their meanings, helping students create and cement connections between the words in a tangible way.



Antonym Word Pictures™ vocabulary cards pair antonyms that are illustrated to look just like their meaning! These full color cards can be posted on your word wall or used in class games to help your students build their vocabulary quickly and easily. Choose primary or intermediate. Both sets include 50, 11″ x 4.25″ full color cards printed on coated card stock. And, like all of our products, Antonym Word Pictures™ is designed and printed with pride right here in the USA.

Word Lists

Primary Set:

above ↔ below
before ↔ after
big ↔ little
blunt ↔ sharp
bold ↔ timid
dawn ↔ dusk
dull ↔ shiny
early ↔ late
fast ↔ slow
few ↔ many
for ↔ against
freeze ↔ thaw
full ↔ empty
happy ↔ sad
in ↔ out
increase ↔ decrease
left ↔ right
light ↔ dark
more ↔ less
short ↔ long
smile ↔ frown
smooth ↔ rough
soft ↔ hard
up ↔ down
wide ↔ narrow

Intermediate Set:

ascend ↔ descend
captivity ↔ liberty
capture ↔ release
clear ↔ murky
complex ↔ simple
construct ↔ demolish
contract ↔ expand
deposit ↔ withdraw
efficient ↔ disorganized
extinguish ↔ ignite
frequent ↔ seldom
include ↔ exclude
knowledge ↔ ignorance
lethargic ↔ exuberant
observant ↔ oblivious
occupied ↔ vacant
plentiful ↔ scarce
powerful ↔ feeble
rare ↔ ordinary
reduce ↔ gain
scatter ↔ collect
sequential ↔ random
sorrow ↔ joy
transparent ↔ opaque
vintage ↔ modern

2 reviews for Antonym Word Pictures™

  1. Mrs. Masten

    The artwork to teach the words will be unforgettable for the kids!

  2. Jonathan

    I LOVE these cards.

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