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When writing, students often confuse and misuse words that sound alike but have different meanings. Each card in this special homonym set is illustrated to look just like its meaning, though, so students can quickly see the difference between words! Post these cards and help your students differentiate visually. Bundle all three sets and save!

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Students, both younger and more advanced, often confuse words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. When should they use “break” versus “brake”? Or “capital,” “capital,” and “capitol?” Help them learn these tricky terms quickly and easily with Homophones™ from our Get the Picture™ line!

Each card features a single, fully-illustrated word, designed to look just like its meaning. Elsewhere in the deck is a homophone (or two!), spelled and illustrated to look like its meaning. You can display both together for a quick daily discussion, or one each day, asking students to think back to yesterday’s word and how today’s is similar and different.

Three sets are available, and each includes 42, 11″ x 4.25″ full color cards printed on coated card stock. Buy all three sets and save!

We are also proud to offer our Tricky Math Terms™ cards, a collection of math-based homophones.

Word Lists

Set 1:

bare, bear
bawl, ball
brake, break
cent, scent, sent
cheap, cheep
chili, chilly
flea, flee
grate, great
hare, hair
hole, whole
knight, night
not, knot
one, won
pause, paws
pride, pried
read, red
root, route
tacks, tax
threw, through
to, two, too

Set 2:

capitol, capital, capital
plane, plain
pail, pale
sail, sale
stair, stare
tail, tale
fir, fur
peace, piece
rose, rows
ate, eight
base, bass
berry, bury
blew, blue
mail, male
pair, pear, pare
raise, rays
sea, see
son, sun
for, four
yoke, yolk

Set 3:

acts, ax
ant, aunt
bridal, bridle
cell, sell
choral, coral
colonel, kernel
core, corps
flew, flu
forth, fourth
hour, our
morning, mourning
peak, peek
presence, presents
prince, prints
rain, reign, rein
right, write
ring, wring
soar, sore
tear, tier
toe, tow

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  1. K-5 Reading teacher at Austin ISD

    Great graphics, very colorful and attractive!

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