• Math Bundle Grade 2

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  • Math Bundle Grade 3

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  • Math Bundle Grade 4

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  • Math Bundle Grade 5

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  • Math Vocabulary Pictures™

  • 4 example cards from Get the Picture Algebra Cards: Index, Like Terms, Parallel, and the reverse side of Parallel showing the definition.

    Algebra Vocabulary Pictures™

  • 4 examples of Get the Picture Geometry vocabulary cards: Volume, Acute, Cylinder, and the reverse side of Cylinder

    Geometry Vocabulary Pictures™

  • Closeout banner for Get the Picture Math Target Vocabulary cards. includes 2012 TCA

    Math Target Vocabulary Pictures™

  • Measurement Benchmarks™ vocabulary cards

  • Position & Direction Words

  • Test Taking Terms™ vocabulary cards

  • Product image for Tricky Math Terms including example cards of Mean, Eight, and Point, Get the Picture logo

    Tricky Math Terms™ vocabulary cards

  • Examples of Kindergarten Kit bundle contents. Two cards from Science Vocabulary Pictures Early Grades K-2 (Pulley, Gear), 2 cards from Math Target Vocabulary (Subtract, Triangle), 1 Operations Options poster (Use tally marks), 3 ten frame flash cards, and the floor number line

    Kindergarten Kit

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  • Example definition strip displayed in a vinyl pocket with the text "a cold-blooded vertebrate such as a snake, lizard, crocodile or turtle (distinguished by having dry, scaly skin and typically laying soft-shelled eggs on land)"

    Vocabulary Definition Strips

  • Example Spanish word strip máximo displayed in a vinyl pocket

    Vocabulary Spanish Word Strips