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Math Vocabulary Pictures™

You asked and we listened! Our award-winning cards are now aligned with the updated TEKS and available in grade level sets! Help your students quickly learn new math terms with these colorful vocabulary cards, each illustrated to look just like its meaning! Buy one set, or the full bundle for extra products and savings!

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Math lessons tend to be vocabulary-dense. A lesson on fractions, for example, has to discuss numerators and denominators and may also go over equivalency, proper and improper fractions, and many other terms. These terms can be difficult to keep straight for students, so how can you help them? Quick-reference hand-outs that are costly to photocopy? Explaining terms every lesson, using valuable class time?

Instead, let Math Vocabulary Pictures™ cards handle the explaining for you! Each brightly-colored card features a different math term on the face, illustrated to look like its meaning, while the reverse has the definition in black text on a white background.

These cards are wonderful for your math word wall for general review, as well as for your visual learners, ESL students, and struggling readers since the illustrations quickly and easily create a visual connection between the term and its meaning.

All of the words are TEKS-specific terms, and now available in grade-specific sets! There are two sets per grade level (one set for Kindergarten) with 64 cards in each set (72 per set for 6-8 grade), all printed at 8.5” x 11” on coated card stock, durable and ready for display. $43/set for all grades except Sixth-Eighth. These expanded sets are $48 each.

Bundle and save!

We’re also proud to offer grade-specific bundles. Each bundle contains both Math Vocabulary Pictures™ card sets for the grade, plus either a set of our Operation Options™ posters (Kindergarten and First grade) or a set of Measurement Benchmarks™ cards. Operations Options™ are visual reminders to help give your students clues for the various ways to both add and subtract, while Measurement Benchmarks™ are illustrated cards to help your students become familiar with the most common units in both the metric and customary systems.
Kindergarten bundle, $49/each. First grade bundle, $89/each. Second-Fifth grade bundles, $99/each. Special Sixth-Eighth bundle, $108/each.

Word Lists

Kindergarten: add, addend/sum, altogether, capacity, circle, classify, coins, compare, cone, contain, corner, count, cube, cylinder, decreasing, difference, digit, dime, each, edge, equal, fewer than, five frame, height, income, increasing, irregular, join, length, less than, minuend/subtrahend, minus, money, more than, need, nickel, numeral, one, pattern, penny, pictograph, plus, polygon, quarter, rectangle, regular, shape, side, solid, sort, sphere, square, subtract, take away, tally, ten, ten frame, total, triangle, vertex, want, weight, whole number, width

1st Grade Set 1: 1-digit, 2-digit, add, addend, addition, backward, classify, combined, compare, complete, contain, decreasing, difference, double, dozen, equal, equal amount, equation, even, expanded form, expression, fact family, fair shares, fewer than, forward, greater than, greatest, halves, hundred, increasing, join, least, less than, minuend/subtrahend, minus, more than, non-example, number sentence, number line, numeral, odd, one, one-fourth, operation, order, pair, period, place value, plus, point, separate, skip count, sort, strategies, subtract, sum, symbol, ten, ten frame, total, twice, unknown, whole, whole numbers

1st Grade Set 2: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, analog, bar graph, categorical data, cent, circle, clockwise, coin, colon, cone, cube, curved surface, cylinder, diagonal, digital, dime, distance, dollar, earn, edge, exact, exchange, face, figure, flat surface, hexagon, horizontal, hour, income, irregular, key, left, length, measure, minute, need, nickel, penny, pictograph, plane figure, polygon, quarter, rectangle, rectangular prism, regular, rhombus, right, rotation, save, side, spend, sphere, square, square corner, T chart, table, tally, triangle, triangular prism, vertex, vertical, want, weight

2nd Grade Set 1: 1-digit, addition, addend, bar graph, categorical data, classify, colon, column/row, combined, comparison, compose, decimal, decompose, decreasing, difference, division, dot plot, double, eighths, equal, equal amount, equation, exact, expanded form, expression, even, fact family, fair shares, fractional parts, frequency, greater than, greatest to least, halves, increasing, interval, join, least to greatest, less than, minuend/subtrahend, minus, non-example, number line, numeral, odd, one-fourth, operations, order, partition, period, pictograph, point, predict, quotient, repeated addition, rotation, separate, skip count, sort, strategies, subtract, sum, total, unknown, whole numbers

2nd Grade Set 2: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, area, array, balance scale, borrow, capacity, cent, charity, circle, cone, consumer/producer, cost, counting numbers, cube, cup, curved surface, cylinder, decagon, deposit, distance, dodecagon, dollar, edge, exchange, face, height, heptagon, hexagon, horizontal, hour, income, interest, irregular, labor, lend, length, measuring tape, minute, octagon, parallel, parallelogram, pentagon, place value, polygon, property, quadrilateral, quarter, rectangle, regular, resources, rhombus, ruler, save, spend, sphere, square, square unit, trapezoid, triangle, triangular prism, vertex, vertical, withdrawal

3rd Grade Set 1: addend/sum, array, axis, bar graph, categorical data, column/row, comparison, compose, decimal, decompose, decreasing, difference, dividend, division, divisor, dot plot, double, eighths, equal, equation, equivalent fraction, even, expanded form, expression, fact family, factor, fewer than, fraction, fractional parts, frequency table, greater than, greatest to least, halves, increasing, increment, input/ output, interval, key, least to greatest, less than, minuend/subtrahend, multiples, number line, numerator/ denominator, odd, operations, order, partitions, period, pictograph, point, predict, product, quotient, repeated addition, skip count, strategies, subtract, symbol, tally, twice, unit fraction, unknown, whole

3rd Grade Set 2: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, analog, area, balance scale, base, borrow, capacity, charity, classify, cone, congruent, credit, cube, cup, cylinder, decagon, digital, distance, edge, equilateral, expenses, face, height, hexagon, horizontal, hour, income, interest, irregular, isosceles, labor, lend, length, line, line segment, measuring tape, metric, minute, octagon, parallel, parallelogram, pentagon, perimeter, plane figure, polygon, quadrilateral, rectangle, rectangular prism, regular, resources, rhombus, ruler, save, scalene, scarcity, spend, sphere, trapezoid, triangular prism, vertex, vertical, weight, width

4th Grade Set 1: analog, area, array, axes, capacity, classify, column/row, consecutive, convert, cup, decimal, decompose, decreasing, denominator/numerator, difference, digital, dimension, distance, dividend, divisor, equation, equivalent, expanded form, expenses, expression, factors, greater than, height, improper fraction, increasing, increment, input-output, intersection, interval, length, less than, line of reflection, mixed number, multiples, number line, numeral, operations, perimeter, period, place value, product, proper fraction, protractor, quotient, relative size, remainder, repeated addition, round, rule, sequential, side congruency marks, sum/addend, trailing zeroes, unit fraction, unknown, volume, weight, whole numbers, width

4th Grade Set 2: acute angle, adjacent angles, angle, balance scale, bar graph, categorical data, complementary angles, compose, composite figure, congruent, congruent angles, credit, decagon, degree, diagonal, dot plot, earn, edge, equilateral triangle, fixed expenses, formula, frequency table, hexagon, horizontal, income, interest, intersecting lines, irregular, isosceles triangle, key, line, line segment, nonagon, obtuse angle, octagon, parallel, parallelogram, pentagon, perpendicular, polygon, profit, quadrilateral, range, ray, rectangle, rectangular, regular, rhombus, right angle, right triangle, rotation, scale drawing, scalene triangle, spend, stem and leaf, supplementary angles, table, tally, trapezoid, triangle, variable, variable expenses, vertex, vertical

5th Grade Set 1: additive pattern, approximately, axes, bracket, categorical data, column & row, compose, composite number, convert, coordinates, decimal, decompose, decreasing, denominator/numerator, difference, discrete/continuous data, dividend, divisor, equation, equivalent, equivalent fractions, expanded form, expression, factors , frequency table, greater than, gross/net income, hierarchy, income tax, increasing, increment, input output, interval, least common denominator, less than, mixed number, more than, multiples, multiplicative pattern, operations, ordered pair, parenthesis, place value, predict, prime numbers, proper fraction, property tax, quantity, quotient, ratio table, rational numbers, reciprocal, relative size, remainder, sequential, simplify fractions, stem and leaf, trailing zeros, unit fraction, unknown, whole numbers, withdrawal, x-axis, y-axis

5th Grade Set 2: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, acute angle, area, area of base, balance scale, bar graph, budget, classify, composite figures, congruent, congruent angles, consecutive, coordinate plane, counting numbers, credit card, debit card, dot plot, edge, equilateral triangle, face, fixed expenses, formula, height, horizontal, improper fraction, inequality, intersection, irregular, isosceles triangle, length, line segment, obtuse angle, origin, parallel, parallelogram, perimeter, perpendicular, polygon, prime factorization, product, quadrant, quadrilateral, range, ray, rectangular prism, regular, rhombus, right angle, right triangle, round, rule, scale drawing, scalene triangle, scatter plot, side congruency marks, transaction, triangular prism, variable, variable expenses, vertex, vertical, volume, width

6th-8th Grade Set 1: 529 plan, acute angle, area, area of base, arithmetic sequence, ascending, complementary angles, composite figures, composite numbers, cone, congruent, continuous data, discrete data, coordinate grid, coordinates, coupon, cylinder, descending, dimension, direct deposit, dividend, divisor, dot plot, edge, equation, equilateral triangle, equivalent, expression, face, factors, fixed expenses, formula, greater than, heptagon, hexagon, histogram, hypotenuse, improper fraction, interest, isosceles triangle, legs, less than, mixed number, numerator, denominator, obtuse angle, pentagon, percent, percentage bar graph, perimeter, prime factorization, prime numbers, product, proportional, quadrant, qualitative data, quantitative data, quotient, range, rebate, rectangular prism, right triangle, scalene triangle, scholarship, simplify fraction, stem and leaf, supplementary angles, symmetrical data distribution, triangular prism, variable expenses, volume, wage, x-axis, y-axis

6th-8th Grade Set 2: absolute value, additive inverse, algebraic expression, average, bivariate data, box & whiskers plot, categorical data, circle graph, circumference, coefficient, collateral, compound event, compound interest, constant, corresponding angles, diameter, dilation, exponent, exterior angles, function, identity element of multiplication, income tax, inequality, inflation, integers, intercept, interquartile range, inverse operation, investment, irrational, isosceles trapezoid, lateral surface area, like terms, line, linear, mean, median, negative, net, ordered pair, origin, outlier, pi, positive, possible outcome, principal, interest, probability, pyramid, Pythagorean theorem, radius, rate, rational numbers, reciprocal, reduction, reflection, relative frequency table, rotation, scale factor, scatter plot, semi-circle, similar, simple interest, skewed data, slant height, slope, spread, square root, translation, transversal, variable, vertex, vertical angles

10 reviews for Math Vocabulary Pictures™

  1. Kimberly Carter

    I absolutely love the vocabulary cards. I started using these with ESL (3rd-8th) a few years ago. Now I use them with everyone.

  2. Becky Teague

    Love it! Great way to express the meaning of the vocabulary word in a visual way.

  3. 7th grade math teacher

    I like to use the picture vocabulary on my word wall. I refer back to it every time we use the vocabulary word. It is really helpful for my ESL students.

  4. Learning Magazine® Teachers’ Choice Award® product evaluator

    I love these! Tutors and basic skills teachers will want these in their inventory of teacher tools. Fun to use and don’t take much time for kids to learn. They make a great review for tests and quizzes, too!

  5. Learning Magazine® Teachers’ Choice Award® product evaluator

    I recommend this product to every teacher I know! This was by far my favorite product to evaluate this year. Both my students and I love these

  6. Jeanette Mercer, ESL program director, Aldine ISD

    These Math Vocabulary Picture Cards really help our English learners to remember the academic language. The teachers love them too. Vocabulary understanding is essential in tests. This product helps!

  7. Sheila Moore

    I use these in my 8th grade classroom and love the graphics and color.

  8. Laura Holmes

    These cards are the best. They brighten up the class. They catch the students attention.

  9. NCTM 2017 attendee

    I’m buying these for my teacher friend for teacher appreciation week! She loves mine that I put around my room!

  10. Claudia Perez

    Your cards are up in my room! My kids love them and are so smart!

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