Vocabulary Spanish Word Strips

Get the Picture™ vocabulary cards are designed to make vocabulary acquisition quick and easy in every class, and these Spanish word strips make that easier than ever! They slip right into the vinyl pocket along with the word of the day, making set up and display simple and intuitive.

Price: $4.99 for Target Vocabulary Pictures; $8.99 per set for Math Vocabulary Pictures; $7.99 per set for Science Vocabulary Pictures 1-4; $11.99 per set for Science Vocabulary Pictures early grades

Select options for price.

Select options for price.

Our Get the Picture™ vocabulary cards are perfect for bilingual classrooms since each word is illustrated to look like the meaning, but sometimes a written translation is helpful. We have you covered with our Spanish translation strips!

Currently strips are available for our Science Vocabulary Pictures™ and our closeout Target Vocabulary Math™ card sets and are designed to be displayed inside a vinyl pocket.

Note: vinyl pocket and vocabulary cards are sold separately.


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