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TEKSas Target Practice VIRTUAL BOARD

TEXAS teachers’ favorite STAAR preview, practice, and review! This spiral review program covers all of the math TEKS in an easy-to-implement 10-day cycle. Review quickly and easily with this daily supplement and watch STAAR® performance soar!

Based on the Science of Learning, TEKSas Target Practice engages students in retrieval, interleaved and spaced practice every day. Daily use packs a punch in just 10 minutes a day as students spiral through all math TEKS every 2 weeks.   10 colors, 10 day cycle, 10 minutes a day* Easy to implement as a bell ringer, warm up, or daily starter to complement any math curriculum.

TEKSas Target Practice™ Virtual Board Edition includes all of the features of the original print version as well as virtual tools and manipulatives to give students various models of concepts. Great for review, tutoring or RTI, a 6-week review is also included in the Virtual Board edition. TEKSas Target Practice™ Virtual Board Edition is sold as a 1-year license ($125/year). During their license term, all online users will automatically get any updates we make as we see STAAR® releases. 


  • Familiar colorful 10 day preview, practice, and review cycle
  • 6-week review of prior grade 
  • Think About Its (hints and reminders for students) accessible online and via QR code
  • Interactive Tools specific to grade levels (number lines, comparison charts, manipulatives)
  • Automatic updates as new STAAR® information is released
  • No download or setup required
  • Print Student Think Sheet

*once routine is established
TEKSas Target Practice™ is not for sale or use outside of the state of Texas. If you are outside of Texas, check out our award-winning Target the Question™!

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TEKSas Target Practice™ is a Texas teacher favorite! Used daily in thousands of classrooms all over the great state of Texas, this supplemental spiral review program has been fully updated to cover all of the newest math Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in a 10-day cycle. It is designed (by teachers) to be a quick, daily review so it’s teacher-friendly and easy to implement in any class!

TEKSas Target Practice™ steps students through 36 weeks of practice, arranged into color-coded, 10-day cycles. This organization makes exercises visually clear for students while keeping teacher effort minimal. Each cycle covers all of the math TEKS for your class to prepare them for the STAAR® exam in just 10 minutes a day. TEKSas Target Practice™ can be used in conjunction with any math curriculum. Schools all over Texas have seen scores soar after faithfully implementing the program.

We proudly offer TEKSas Target Practice™ in 3 formats – PLUS, Virtual and Bulletin Board! We even have an online Spanish option for grades K-5, so every classroom will be able to prepare for the STAAR® in the way that fits best. All versions have been updated to the newest TEKS, so you can rest assured that your students will be prepared for the STAAR® with this rigorous supplement.

We also offer the award-winning Target the Question™ for a rigorous daily problem solving practice, and Target RLA™ for language arts development!
*STAAR® is a federally registered trademark and service mark of the Texas Education Agency.  Lone Star Learning® is not sponsored by or associated or affiliated with the Texas Education Agency, which has not endorsed the products or services of Lone Star Learning®.

Try Virtual for Free

Would you like to take a look at TEKSas Target Practice™ before you buy it? We understand! Testing it out is the best way to know how it will help in your classroom! We suggest using this free demo version with your students to experience how easily it incorporates into your daily routine.


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36 reviews for TEKSas Target Practice VIRTUAL BOARD

  1. A. Jaramillo

    Lone Star Learning’s TEKSas Target Practice has been very beneficial in my students mathematical learning. The spiral review hits on previously learned concepts and takes them deeper with it. The concepts that haven’t been introduced yet provided a great preview & basis for when we did get to that concept in our curriculum. The students were much more prepared for it & grasped the concepts more quickly and with deeper understanding. The students knew that was the first thing we did every day & it only took about 10-15 minutes. It is /was definitely time well spent! As a virtual teacher, I had a materials pick up for parents to pick up a folder with all of the answer documents in it. I show it on my screen & they work it out in the folders, the we go over it together.

  2. T. Waguespack

    Students are showing a greater understanding of our TEKS, thanks to the spiraling of them over a two-week span, multiple times, throughout the year.

  3. A. Sokoloski

    I love Lone Star Learning! I use their TEKSas Target Practice for warm-ups and Target the Question in small group. TEKSas Target Practice gives a great spiral throughout the year. I can pre-teach some concepts so they are familiar by time we get the regular lesson. The Target the Question has STAAR type questions that can be used in a fun activities. Any product they put out is top notch!

  4. Amanda Sweeney – Coppell ISD Teacher

    I love that we are reviewing on a daily basis. Students are consistently going back to previously taught skills and being exposed to new concepts to front load.

  5. 3rd Grade Texas Teacher

    I love that within 10 days we have hit on every TEK that will be on the STAAR test.

  6. Laura Whiteley – Brownwood ISD

    TEKSas Target Practice is a great resource for spiral review. It is tough at the beginning, due to some things the students have not learned yet. However, we may skip some items, but more often, we have a super quick mini lesson, and by the time we are studying that concept, students have already been introduced, and do better, quicker on it.

    One thing that I would change about the on line version, is that I wish the spaces the students write on were a little larger. I have the sheets laminated, we use dry erase markers, and it’s hard for some of them to write in the small spaces available. Other than that, I love this spiral review resource!

  7. 2nd Grade Math Teacher

    Absolutely love this product! It challenges the children and covers every math TEK in our Texas curriculum. I use it daily. Very beneficial. I like how it reviews the concepts in each set. Students get a chance to see concepts not yet covered in the year and then practice those concepts once they are taught as well as a chance to review those concepts after it has been officially taught. We have a math talk/discussion every day about the daily problems they have done. It creates good math thinking and sharing. I learn a lot about how my students are progressing and how they are problem solving.

  8. Mickey McPherson – Castleberry ISD

    I LOVE it! I have used this product for several years. It does such an AMAZING job of spiraling TEKS to help students remember what we have learned, as well as introduce some TEKS that we have not formally taught yet. I sing Lone Star praises whenever I am at teacher meetings or conferences.

  9. Melissa Alexander

    Love how we can practice ALL the third grade math skills in two weeks! Kids gain confidence on the third grade skills through the repeated practice.

  10. Northside ISD Elementary School Teacher

    Our campus loves this amazing product! Our students starting in 1st grade are able complete this recursive review and benefit from the pre-teach TEKS that they are exposed to early on. Our STAAR students show amazing progress along with the ability to retain the information since they are reviewing the TEKS all year long. We at Franklin ES love our digital recursive review licenses. Our results speak to how much they benefit all students with the consistency and review of all TEKS.

  11. Claude ISD

    Our school has greatly benefited from using TEKSas Target Practice in our 1-6 grade classrooms. We use it daily and it provides us a great spiral review. It also allows our teachers to pre-teach concepts that they have not made it to yet, and review to all degrees the content they have already been teaching! We love Target Math at Claude Elementary.

  12. Sharon Wood, Shamrock ISD

    I absolutely love TEKSas Target Practice! I have been using versions of it with my students since 1997 and I know it has made a difference in their overall mathematical understanding. Teachers have told me that my former students have a stronger analytic foundation and I am convinced it’s because of our Target Practice! Thank you for such an outstanding, wonderful educational tool! Since this was the first time they took the STAAR test, I am comparing the first benchmark scores in 10/17 to the actual STAAR results in 5/18. In October I had 10 students pass at the “approaches” level and on the real STAAR test I had 26 pass at “approaches” or above. Awesome improvement, I am sure from TEKSas Target Practice! We climbed from 31% passing to 81% passing!!! Thank you, thank you! I am looking forward to all the new things you guys will be offering in the future!

  13. Klein ISD Teacher

    The spiral review has helped my 4th graders “pre-learn” skills they would not have come to in the curriculum so that by the time we came to the skills in our district’s curriculum, my students had already mastered them! This left us time to go deeper into the learning.

  14. Shayla Shiller Kennard

    Our student’s test scores have been impacted in a big way through the TEKSas Target Practice! District assessments have shown 20-30% average growth and we are projected to have some of the highest scores in the district on end-of year assessments. For a low-socioeconomic campus with struggling learners this has boosted our student’s confidence in themselves in a TREMENDOUS way. The student’s are excited to learn and show us how capable they are. This is a program we will continue to use for years to come!

  15. Ms. Ramirez, Patton Springs ISD

    Our school has used Lone Star Learning for over 15 years and we have had 100% passing rate on the state assessment every year. Lone Star Learning is an awesome resource. We tell our students it is a preview which later becomes a review. They love that saying.

  16. Instructional Math Coach

    The Digital TEKSas Target Practice resource has impacted our student scores in the area of math fluency where students have been able to sustain the mental Math because of their daily math practice using TEKSas Target Practice. We also notice how students have become a lot more knowledgeable in the different categories of the Math State standards using this resource as the daily Calendar Math warm-up.

  17. Marci Petter, Temple ISD

    Texas Target Practice has helped our students do well on all exams. The spiral review is great for the continuous review of low TEKS as well as TEKS that are taught early in the year and perhaps not reviewed again. The level of thinking involved helps students with problem solving skills, too!

  18. Angleton ISD, Westside Elementary

    We have used TEKSas Target Practice for years at our school. Last year we received all six distinctions from the state of Texas, and we directly attribute much of that success to Lone Star. We remain consistent in grade levels K-5 in using the program, and our kids each year are exposed to your digital learning for reading, math, and now science. We love our Lone Star Learning here at Westside!

  19. Megan Richard, East Chambers ISD 3rd grade teacher

    TEKSas Target Practice has been a game changer for our math scores. We have had the paper version for the past 3 years. This year we purchased the electronic version and it has been even easier to implement. We have implemented TEKSas Target Practice as morning work. Students automatically know their expectations when they walk in the classroom. When we introduce a new topic our students already have a baseline of information because they have seen something like it on TEKSas Target Practice. We have used the TEKSas Target Practice program in 3rd faithfully and our scores have improved drastically.
    2013-2014 (no TEKasS Target Practice) 69%
    2014-2015 (Math Scores did not count)
    2015-2016 (1st year of TEKSas Target Practice) 70%
    2016-2017 (2nd year of TEKSas Target Practice) 88%
    2017-2018 (3rd year of TEKSas Target Practice) 89%
    We LOVE TEKS Target Practice!!!

  20. 5th grade Math Teacher

    I have never taught 5th grade without it! I purchased for myself when I moved to a new campus because I did not want to do without! My campus purchased it for the team the next year after my scores came back so high. My scores have consistently been in the high 90s and some years, even 100% and I feel the high level of rigor from Lone Star definitely contributed!

  21. Megan Richards, Temple ISD 3rd grade

    TEKSas Target practice has helped my students with spiraling back TEKS that we still are not mastering. I love the Question a Day because it teaches them and helps them look at what the question is asking and to only look for what they need. This is hard for students to do because they want to use all the numbers.

  22. Rains Elementary, 2nd grade teacher

    I have been using TEKSas Target Practice for years. I started using the program before there was a digit version. I loved it then, and now that I’ve been using the digital program for several years I love it even more. My students love to practice skills we’ve already covered as well as learn new concepts. The spiral review the program provides has increased my student’s performance on end of the year mastery tests tremendously. TEKSas Target Practice is the one thing that I purchase with my classroom money every year. This program is one of the best I have ever used and it is the only program that I purchase annually.

  23. Texas Instructional Coach

    TEKS Practice is a favorite with teachers at my campus. As a spiral review of all TEKS, this product can’t be beat! My teachers particularly enjoy the ease of use of the digital product. It allows each teacher to customize how it can best utilized in their classroom. We have seen a dramatic increase in STAAR Math scores over the past two years. Much of this increase can be directly linked to use of TEKSas Target Practice. Our students now have a deeper number sense than they have ever had. Thanks, Lone Star Learning! Keep up the good work with your product line.

  24. 4th grade Math teacher in Texas

    I have used the TEKSas Target Practice programs for the past few years. They were very beneficial as warm-ups and quick spiral reviews. My students benefited from the repeated review of the TEKS and it helped them to retain the skills. I am sure they scored higher on the STAAR tests due to these repeated reviews from TEKSas Target Practice.

  25. Elementary Math Specialist

    We have just started using TEKSas Target Practice this year, and have not had a major assessment yet. However, the 5th grade students I am working with are able to take what they have already learned in 4th grade, and apply some of those skills to the 5th grade TEKS. They are feeling more confident in TEKS that are coming up in their homeroom classrooms as well because of the way TEKSas Target Practice is spiraling standards.

  26. Northside ISD K-5 teacher

    TEKSas Target Practice has helped our teachers preteach, review, and reteach TEKS to students K-5. We have seen great improvement in student understanding of previously difficult TEKS. TEKSas Target Practice is organized in an efficient and effective manner that is easy for student to use.

  27. Round Rock ISD, Robertson Elementary

    I have taught 3rd grade for the past three years, and it definitely made a huge difference for my students. I am currently teaching 5th grade and this was my number 1 tool to ask the principal for it. I like the fact that the kids can review the TEKS constantly and although, sometime we have not cover some of the content yet, it gives me an opportunity to preview and teach a mini lesson on it.

  28. 2nd grade TEKSas Target Practice user in Judson ISD

    I love the different TEKS covered in the different questions and how they rotate each day. We started this program late in the year, but overall, in class I notice a difference in my students and how they refer back to what they have done.

  29. Abilene ISD, Bassetti Elementary, 3rd grade teacher

    I like the consistent review and consistent format of the lessons. Once the format is understood then we can focus on the content and the children gain confidence that they really know the material. I hope you continue to update the content to reflect changes in the TEKS.

  30. Anna ISD, 2nd Grade Teacher

    This product is easy to use and a fantastic way to review concepts. We had a 12-20 point gain on math MAPS testing after implementing this.

  31. Ms. Edwards with Compass Academy

    It is quick and doesn’t take a lot of time to do, plus it spirals the TEKS. My first grade students are being constantly reviewed on the TEKS that they must master in math. Since it spirals, my class out performs the other first grade classes!

  32. 4th Grade Math Teacher, Henrie Elementary

    It’s quick and easy to spiral review. Grades went from 55% to 72%.

  33. Erika Adams, Terrell ISD

    I love to use this product to keep concepts fresh in my kids minds. After teaching half the year, I begin using this as warm-ups to help my kids remember what we have learned so far. It is also easy to use to teach some new concepts without the kids realizing they are learning something new. It blew my kids minds that they were doing algebra before we officially learned it in class! Our unit tests always include 2-3 review questions. My students, as an average, went up 31% in the “review” category of the test from the previous unit test.

  34. Cindy Reed, FWISD

    TEKSas Target Practice for 5th grade covers all of the TEKS within 2 weeks. The verbs that are used, the models that are used, the repetition… I love it all!! We went from 70+% to 90+% and now I have the entire school using it :)

  35. Annette Alcaraz

    It is an awesome spiral review for my students. It provides the opportunity to practice previously learned material and also exposes them to new material.

  36. Bonita Langley

    I think TEKSas Target Practice helped increase our state math exam score by about 15% this past school year. I love the digital program, the format, answer key, and the printable worksheets!

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