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A brand new math review game that includes 300 question cards (covering EVERY TEKS for the grade level), neatly arranged into colors to make targeting specific objectives easy. TarGET IT!® makes classroom review simple for you and fun for students!



Math review can be a struggle. It’s necessary for skill mastery, but worksheets can lead to disengaged students who may not be learning the material well. Review games are a great solution for introducing variety and increasing engagement. Keep them focused and on-task with the brand new TarGET IT!® Use TarGET IT!® as a general review or companion to the minutes-a-day TEKSas Target Practice™. This fast-paced game includes 300 question cards, color-coded to make targeting specific skillsets simple. The colors are the same as those used in TEKSas Target Practice®, but classrooms outside of Texas will still find the system intuitive and easy to integrate into their review curriculum.

As students answer questions, they collect foam pattern blocks in a race to be the first to build various tangram puzzles, giving them practice with fractions and spatial reasoning even as they answer questions pertaining to other objectives. They can then self-check each question using the QR codes printed on the back of the card, using the provided answer key, or simply turn in their Exit Tickets, complete with shown work, for you to evaluate.

The adaptable play style and review options of TarGET IT!® make it a fun, flexible addition to your classroom. It’s easily integrated into:

  • Stations or centers
  • Tutorial activities
  • Intervention
  • Summer school
  • Small group play
  • Large group play

Each game ships with one box of question cards (300 cards, 30 each of 10 different colors), a vinyl spinner pocket, spinner arrows, sets of spinner faces, a package of foam pattern blocks, Picture This! gameboards, and a Last One In to Win! gameboard. Further resources, including seasonal updates, will be available via download.


*STAAR® is a federally registered trademark and service mark of the Texas Education Agency.  Lone Star Learning® is not sponsored by or associated or affiliated with the Texas Education Agency, which has not endorsed the products or services of Lone Star Learning®.

6 reviews for TarGET IT!®

  1. Texas Teacher, 3rd grade

    My students love the challenge of the game. The questions are perfectly aligned to our standards and well written! This product is EXCELLENT!

  2. Academics’ Choice tester comment

    My kids were intrigued by the foam shapes and the spinner. It allowed my kids to review a wide variety of math skills and math knowledge taught within the Texas educational system. They enjoyed picking the questions out of the box and seeing if they could figure out the answer.

  3. Academics’ Choice tester comment

    My students really enjoyed playing the game and found it much more fun than book work, although they were working the same type of problems. I like the variety of game play, too. Because there are different ways to play the game, it will stay novel longer. There is a nice range of math topics on the question cards.

  4. Academics’ Choice tester comment

    TarGET IT! provides math practice in a game format. Tied to grade level standards in Texas, it covers a wide variety of topics. A chart was provided that shows the topics practiced in each set of cards, allowing the teacher to choose the most appropriate set for play. Students are able to play the game independently because of the scannable codes on the cards that link to the answers.

  5. Instructional Coach, Ysleta ISD

    This game was engaging for students to review their learning and prepare for STAAR®. It’ll be nice to use it for the full school year in 2018-2019. We had 90% of our students passing!

  6. K-5 teacher in Katy

    Love the amount of questions and that they are TEKS based.

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