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Target the Question BULLETIN BOARD

Improve problem-solving skills in just 10-15 minutes a day using the problem-solving strategies in this rigorous review! Target the Question™ has been designed with teacher ease and student performance in mind, so it’s easy to implement in any classroom with your current curriculum and it will keep your students engaged.

The bulletin board version of Target the Question™ comes with everything you need to use it, including weekly passages, color-coded daily questions for each week, vinyl pockets for display, master copies of Student Think Sheets, and instructions. The Kindergarten version also includes 20 vinyl folders and 20 sets of story mats. These mats match the weekly scenario, and once loaded into the top-loading vinyl folders or laminated, they can be used by students to work out the daily questions!

We also carry water-soluble Stabilo® pencils for easy writing on vinyl and convenient cleanup.

Also available in virtual board and Plus 1:1 formats.



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Problem Solving is often a dreaded task. Why?

  • Solving “word problems” is often overwhelming for students. Many times they choose two numbers and add.
  • For the struggling reader, solving problems is a challenge. Energy is spent on conquering the text, not the math.
  • Many students simply don’t answer what the question is asking.

We have solved those problems with Target the Question™, where the question is the focus! There is ONE passage to read each week. Read and understand that scenario on Monday and each day that week answer a different question about that same passage! After using this supplementary math program for 10-15 minutes each day, students will be able to find needed information, eliminate extraneous information and effectively use problem-solving strategies.

Target the Question™ is correlated to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), so it’s compatible with any curriculum. It is also a rigorous program, focusing on critical thinking, application of problem-solving strategies, and selective use of information from passages and questions, so students will be prepared for any major exam, including the STAAR® test. Best of all, all of these skills are covered in just minutes each day!

In addition to the bulletin board, we offer Target the Question™ in virtual board and Plus 1:1 formats! Plus and virtual board versions available in English and Spanish. All versions have been updated to the newest TEKS, so you can rest assured that your students will be prepared for the STAAR® with this rigorous supplement. TEKS Redesign question types are included in Target the Question PLUS.

We also offer TEKSas Target Practice™ for a different type of math review for those classrooms in Texas, and Target RLA™ for reading and language arts development!

STAAR® is a federally registered trademark and service mark of the Texas Education Agency. Lone Star Learning is not sponsored by, associated or affiliated with the TEA, which has not endorsed these products or services


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