Stabilo® Pencils

These water-soluble pencils wipe away with just a damp cloth, so students can work problems directly on vinyl, laminated, and many other surfaces without the need for expensive reprints!

Price: $1.50 a piece; $34.00 per box of 24

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Select options for price.

These pencils are fully water-soluble marking system that partners perfectly with our vinyl folders. Vinyl folders, paired with our Problem Solving Mats™ or Create-A-Folder™ materials, allow students to work directly on the folder, protecting the valuable resources and giving them plenty of space for reworking if needed. You can also place your own worksheets in the folders, allowing students to work the problems on the folder, saving the expense of reprints.

Stabilo® pencils also write cleanly and clearly on other smooth surfaces, like acetate paper, plastic, and glass, and clean up is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth! These pencils also write on traditional paper, erasing with an everyday pencil eraser. These pencils are handy in every day math, science, art, many other lessons!

Sold both individually, for $1.50 a piece, and in boxes of 24, for $34.00 a box.


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