Vinyl Folders


Top-loading with dual pockets, these vinyl folders make creating custom folders a snap! Easy to use with Create-a-Folder™, Problem Solving Mats™, or your own handouts, these multi-purpose folders are as efficient as they are convenient.

Price: $2.00 per folder; $38.00 per bundle of 20

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These full-sized folders are top-loading and have pockets on both interior sides, so they can securely hold inserts as well as student work. They’re the perfect companions for many of our products, including Create-a-Folder™ software or Problem Solving Mats™. They also make great customized math folders, mind maps, journals, and much more! They’re easy to use for both students and teachers, and the only limitation in the classroom is imagination.

Folders are sold individually ($2.00 each) or in bundles of 20 ($38.00 per set), so it’s easy to get the perfect number for your class. Be sure to pick up a set of Stabilo® pencils, too! Water-soluble, these pencils wipe away with just a damp cloth, so students can work problems directly on their folders each day!


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