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The updated TEKSas Target Practice™ spiral review program covers all of the newest math TEKS in an easy-to-implement 10-day cycle. Review quickly and easily with this daily supplement and watch STAAR performance soar! New bonus tools added for 2016, see description below for details!

TEKSas Target Practice™ is not for sale or use outside of the state of Texas. If you are outside of Texas, check out our award-winning Target the Question™! For pricing information, please make your selection to the right or scroll down.

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TEKSas Target Practice™ is a Texas teacher favorite! Used daily in thousands of classrooms all over the great state of Texas, this supplemental spiral review program has been fully updated to cover all of the newest math Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in a 10-day cycle. It is designed (by teachers) to be a quick, daily review so it’s teacher-friendly and easy to implement in any class!

TEKSas Target Practice™ steps students through 36 weeks of practice, arranged into color-coded, 10-day cycles. This organization makes exercises visually clear for students while keeping teacher effort minimal. Each cycle covers all of the math TEKS for your class to prepare them for the STAAR exam in just 10 minutes a day. TEKSas Target Practice™ can be used in conjunction with any math curriculum. Schools all over Texas have seen scores soar after faithfully implementing the program.

We proudly offer TEKSas Target Practice in both bulletin board and digital formats! We even have a digital Spanish option for grades K-5, so every classroom will be able to prepare for the STAAR in the way that fits best. All versions have been updated to the newest TEKS, so you can rest assured that your students will be prepared for the STAAR with this rigorous supplement.

We also offer the award-winning Target the Question™ for a different type of math review, and Target Reading™ for language arts development!

TEKSas Target Practice Versions

Bulletin Board

The bulletin board version of TEKSas Target Practice™ ($124.99/set) comes with everything you need to use it, including color-coded daily questions for each week, vinyl pockets for display, Student Think Sheets, instructions, and Teaching Tips. As with all our products, TEKSas Target Practice™ is printed with pride in the USA.


TEKSas Target Practice™ includes all of the features of the print version as well as Think About Its! to give students reminders and hints as needed to enable independence and bonus daily tools for grades K-1 to help teach counting in different scenarios! Our Spanish translation of TEKSas Target Practice™ is also only available in the digital format, for grades K-5. All varieties of TEKSas Target Practice™ digital are sold as a 1-year license ($69.99/year). During their license term, all digital users will automatically get any updates we make as we see STAAR releases. Please note that the Spanish and English products are separate licenses, so you will need to specify which you need when you order.

TEKSas Target Practice™ has been built from the ground-up with the latest in web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, enabling you to use it seamlessly on your computer or Smartboard. This program works on most modern browsers for both Mac and Windows (IE9+, Chrome 18+, Firefox 11+, Safari 4+). Further, all of the illustrations, diagrams, charts, and examples are resolution-independent, so you’ll always have crystal-clear text even on the newest high-resolution devices. Zoom in as much as you like!

Digital Bonuses!

Help your young mathematicians with the daily tools included in TEKSas Target Practice™ for grades K-1! These grade levels include a calendar, simple graph, coin counter, clock, and hundreds-tens-ones chart for daily group practice. Your students’ math skills will build quickly by focusing a few minutes each day on use of these tools, including working with patterns, making tens, coin exchanges and telling time.

TEKSas Target Practice™ digital now includes the last 6 weeks of the previous year’s program for baseline assessment, review, or tutoring.

These new tools have also been added:
+/- Number Line (grades K-2): an interactive number line that illustrates addition and subtraction with jumps and blocks allowing up to 4 addends

+/- Unit Fractions (grades 3-4): an interactive number line that illustrates adding and subtracting unit fractions with jumps and blocks allowing fractions from halves to tenths

+/- Fraction Line (grade 4): an interactive number line that illustrates adding and subtracting fractions with similar denominators with jumps and blocks allowing up to 4 addends and denominators from halves to tenths

Fraction/Line (grades 3+): an interactive tool that allows students to compare fractions and have the numbers represented in fractions, pie charts, decimals, and percentages

*TEKSas Target Practice™ is not for sale or use outside of the State of Texas.

Samples and Free Trials

Would you like to take a look at TEKSas Target Practice™ before you buy it? We understand! Testing it out is the best way to know how it will help in your classroom! We suggest using this free trial with your students to experience how easily it incorporates into your daily routine. Don’t forget that the content for both versions, digital and print, is identical! A trial run with the digital version will give you a great snapshot of what both product versions include.

Bulletin Board Samples

Digital Demos

Kindergarten English Español
Grade 1 English Español
Grade 2 English Español
Grade 3 English Español
Grade 4 English Español
Grade 5 English Español
Grade 6 English

Tutorial Videos

Want to learn how to use the bulletin board version of TEKSas Target Practice™? Watch this informational video!

Want to learn how to use the digital version of TEKSas Target Practice™?

Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, watch this tutorial on how to use the digital Daily Activities.


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