Vinyl Pockets

These pockets are specially designed to display your Get The Picture™ Vocabulary Cards and companion strips together! They have a large space for the card, and a smaller space for a definition or Spanish word strip (sold separately).

Price: $12.99 per 10 horizontal pockets; $6.99 per 5 large vertical pockets

Select options for price.

Select options for price.

Vinyl pockets are the perfect solution for displaying your Get The Picture™ Vocabulary Cards and their companion strips on any wall without risking damage to the cards themselves! Both available sizes have two pockets, a large one to hold the card, and a smaller one to display a definition strip or Spanish word strip.

Two sizes of vinyl pocket are available. The small pockets hold 5.5” x 8.5” cards, and are only compatible with our Science Vocabulary Pictures™. The larger vinyl pockets hold 11” x 8.5” vocabulary cards, compatible with our closeout Target Vocabulary™ cards and our new Math Vocabulary Pictures™. We also offer vertical vinyl pockets for our large-sized cards, for those cards requiring a different orientation. These pockets have the same card pocket and strip pocket, the orientation has simply been rotated.

Each pack ships with 10 identical vinyl pockets for large and small horizontal ($12.99 per set), and 5 to a pack for large vertical ($6.99 per set), so please specify which size you need and which orientation when you order.


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